Blu-ray Disc information seminar held in Tokyo

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The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has held an information seminar in Japan where it presented recent and future enhancements of the
Blu-ray Disc format. The BD-ROM version 1.0 physical…

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I wonder if they’ve gotten smarter and built into the BR-R/W formats some kind of copy protection so that BR burners will not be able to copy pre-recorded material. I’m not saying that I want this to happen, I’m only saying that, at some point, these companies are going to get the idea that they will have to build in some kind of hardware level copy protection because most software level protections will, eventually, be defeated.

Don’t think BR will target home users. It’s probably the high-end backup corporate market solution. Sony probably tries to “elevate” us from the tape era to the digital age. I’m not complaining! But I hold reservation for now…

Icepax, I disagree. There are a lot of people who are unhappy with the current DVD format because it does not take advantage of the capabilities of an HDTV that a lot of people are buying, now (and many channels are now providing HDTV broadcasts, its being shoved down consumers throats, not to say that I don’t like HDTV, but we are slowly being forced to change over, pre-recorded home videos will have to follow suit). There was some shady DVD promotion going on in the 'States that indicated that DVD’s would provide an HDTV quality picture, but after DVD’s came out and HDTVs became popular, it became apparent that the DVD picture quality did not live up to the hype. The blame lies with the retailers overstating DVD’s picture quality as well as, so-called technology magazines that gave the false impression that the picture quality would be equivalent to HDTV (Pop Mech and Pop Sci come to mind). I can easily see the graininess in some scenes on different DVD’s (readily apparent in night scenes with dark shadows) on both my TV’s, neither one is state of the art (though they both were fairly high end when I bought them, the one, though is over 10 years old). These higher density DVD’s will become popular because people will want better pictures on their HDTV’s.

Mmmmm…Quad-Layer…ahhhhhh. (drools) :g

Why dont i read here that the Playstation 3 is going to be supported with blue ray discs to?? Little quote:

These manufacturers plan to start marketing, by the end of fiscal 2005, video software as well as the Blu-ray Disc players whose functions will be limited to playing back prerecorded contents, they said. In a related move, Sony officials said the company will equip an upcoming version of the PlayStation2 video console with a Blu-ray Disc player, so that purchasers can enjoy both video games and movies of high-image quality. Sony plans to announce the outline of the next version of PlayStation2 by March 31, 2005, they said.
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