Blu-ray Disc gets a comprehensive copy protection system

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  Fox  recently announced its support for the Blu-ray Disc (BD) format and  specified BD's better copy protection as one of the main reasons it selected BD  over the competing HD DVD format....
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The copy protection schemes in both new formats will keep me using the plain old DVD format for the foreseeable future.

fox must think that having near impossible copy protection would promote bd as a replacement for dvd; however, the sucess of dvd came from the broken copy protection. with such complex schemes will only cause major problems amoung the users which will only delay the adaptation of bd. for serveral years from now, dvd will hold its crown long live dvd! :d

“…essentially preventing unauthorized copies of a disc.” Now who eles has said that? People WILL find a way! If it can be read, it can be ripped! Simple \VH//// :slight_smile:

@VirusHack: It is nearly always possible to do so although the question is how much that costs and if because of BD+ the same thing will work with the next BDs too… @all: The protection schemes are not that different… the question first is how many people will know about those and be interested in those… all those who are interested and know about the copy protections will avoid both formats (although quality would be much better)… same as for Windows Vista: all who know that the next Windows (Vista) will control which media files (music and movie) you can play and which you can not (aborts playback)… I don’t think many will like this… especially because I think that many legal media files will get recognized as illegal media files… and also that hardware DRM things a.s.o.

Well it was once said that DRM protected Music could not be copyed. All that needs to be done to copy DRM protected Music is to play it back and Record it with a sound editor then save it in a mp3 format. There is always a way around copy protection, it might take six months at most to beat the copy protection. Then over time better and better HD movie Rippers will be introduced so on and so forth. The only way to have 100% copy protection is for the MPAA to hire a MPAA officer to go with the purchase of every movie and even then you might be able to pay the officer to leave your home. I see a big advantage for BD DivX players WOW 100 movies on one disc.

Let’s get cdfreaks to call ‘DVD Jon’ and see what he has to say about this!!:g

The paraphrases “undetectable identifier” and “invisible to consumers” are misleading and incorrect. Where are the sneaky words like virtually? I realize technology is getting small and harder to detect “deterent” systems, but so far there has never been such blatant article slander. Or it is more mass programming… :B

I’m with shimman on this one. The only reason dvd is so popular is because it was cracked and can be copied. I mean your always going to have the mom’s and pop’s that will end up getting a new player, but they don’t move the markets, they will only get a player on the recomendation or gift from their techie friend who won’t be giving them blue ray or hd-dvd, because he know’s how much of a bitch it is. What about when blu-ray recorders come out for pcs’, those sure won’t sell until theres a use for them (until they can copy uncrackable blu ray discs) Luckaly homebrew crews love a challenge, I predict both formats will be cracked within a year of release. Look at the psp and all of it’s uncrackable firmware, all of which are already cracked, even the newest 2.0.

movies? Please. Protect them as much as u can. Rubbish shouldn’t be seen :slight_smile: Just make a half-decent PC drive I can save my data to cheaply and effectively. Thank u, come again. plans on waiting 5 years Signed, TiredOfWaiting.

DVD is not popular because it was cracked it is popular because of the price point and the video/audiuo resolutions. I never copy DVD’s because anyone with an HD tv can notice the difference when it is compressed more than the original and Dual layer media is not worth the money.

Which every format gets cracked first is going to be the popular one. Look at Sonys BMG protected cds. Pissed of a bunch of customers and people dont want to by again. Blu-ray is going to fail because of the protection.
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