Blu-ray Disc format specifications completed

I just posted the article Blu-ray Disc format specifications completed.

to begin for BD-ROM, BD-R and BD-RE

January 5, 2006 '“ The Blu-ray Disc Association announced today that the
format specification is complete and that…

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I’ll pass on Blue Ray. 25 GB single layer recordable disc will cost $18 and 50 GB dual layer will cost $45. An 80 gig HD can be bought for almost the same price as one DL disc.

everyone should pass on blue ray and put sony in a position they dont want to be in like they did to us with the rootkit saga crash n burn sony

bring on blue ray, anything that miceosoft is against must be good. Corprate America sucks

>>>> Corprate America

in fact this is all about hollywood not tokyo harryg san :X

Well I will only be buying this as a last resort. I have had enough of these BD and HD stuff. I mean I am happy with the vcd quality and back up my movies on one dvd disc, almost four of them on each disc. I dont really care about being able to see the pimple on the actors faces in complete detail. For me the format which incorporates dumping my vcd mpgs to it will win which will mean I can put more on my media and reduce my collection of dvd’s in my dvd rack. My 2 cents

I agree Mrsash. I don’t care what format it will be, as long as the price is right. I can then move allready collected material to new bigger media. I am just angry that the format wars continue :confused: In the end it’s us consumers that will get hurt, there are no winners in this war.

I agree with you all on the sony hate thing, they have disapointed me too, But 25GB Vrs. 15GB 25 wins so BluRay is it, i have lots of data on my computers i would like a a few discs not 20 DVD’s, my music collection is large and DVD is still to small for me, better then CD but still small i would give ANY thing for a 500GB disc or large, i could put everything on 1 Disc! what a glory that would be.