Blu-ray disc coatings starting to rot?

A thread over at the AVS Forums has highlighted a potential problem with the coating of Blu-ray discs, described by many as “disc rot” due to the mould-like spots that have made several owner’s Blu-ray discs unplayable.

I saw that article too, but it sounds like they got the title wrong. It isn’t the coating that is the problem, rather, it seems to be oxidation between layers.

Direct link to that discussion over at AVS forums is here

This can’t be good news for Blue-ray. Makes those of us on the fence even less anxious to buy into the new formats.

Yes, you are correct Kerry56: it does seem to be something going on under the disc protective layer, and not in the nature of fungal growth.

For those who would like a quick summary of the AVS forum reports, plus the evolving discussion; this is now up as a news item on CD Freaks here:

No news.
Seen this with cd’s and dvd’s.
It’s probably the reflective layer or the polycarbonate.
However polycarbonate clouding defects look different so my first guess is the reflective material.
For the HD-DVD lovers. SInce the problem has been spotted befor with dvd’s I can allready guarantee you that HD-DVD won’t be free as well.
Even with tight quality controle a fuck up can happen. Still better quality components and good manufacturing quality and good quality controle should be able to sort most things out.

This seems to be an isolated problem to “THE PRESTIGE” BD only. Still it does not look good.

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I don’t have the Prestige but checked all my BD/HD-DVD collections and they are fine, fortunately.