Blu-ray Disc Association launches with more than 70 companies

I just posted the article Blu-ray Disc Association launches with more than 70 companies.

Industry leaders
choose Blu-ray Disc as the format for High Definition optical
2004–Today, more than 70 companies from the consumer electronics…

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Can’t wait for the 450 disc super duper extended version of lord of the rings, the one where they film the making of the movies, a split screen of the director, and main actors making the movie in compressed time-lapse format 3 years of film making, it includes all talk show and press junket appearances; includes every minute up to the making of this very special version of the HD-DVD, look for the making of the super duper extended version to come out soon after you buy this version. This is a joke btw (I feel the need to point that out for you very sad LOTR freaks) Do not, no matter what it takes buy the 1st version of the HD-DVD edition of the lord of the rings, wait for the 2nd/3rd whatever give it some time for them to figure out how to make HD-DVDs. Remember when DVDs 1st came out how poor they look now (many were just LaserDisc transfers) I can almost hear Gandalf say: rent the 1st generation of HD-DVD movies my son, let the lords of the land spend the big bucks buying 1st generation crap.

I’m more afraid of what George Lucas will do once he gets his hands on this technology.

jdub: I see your dry humour…:B