Blu-ray Disc Ass. claims HD DVD Group at foul play

I just posted the article Blu-ray Disc Ass. claims HD DVD Group at foul play.

The Blu-ray Disc Association believes that the HD DVD Promotional Group is misleading the public with what it considers a gross misrepresentation of data in the Group’s latest report on the…

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Right! And if there’s one thing Sony is known for it’s FAIR PLAY (and fair use! :+ )

I like the way you abbreviated “Association”. Good one, Sean :B

Who cares? Blu-Ray and HD DVD will both turn out to be the reincarnation of the Ford Edsel.

The corporate morons can claim whatever they want but I am not stupid and will NOT buy overpriced crap from companies which try to limit my rights with what I have paid good money for and try to rip me off. Until these greedy companies wake up to themselves and realize that consumers are becoming very tech savvy and (those that know the truth) do not believe their crap and will not buy their overpriced crap which limits consumers rights to use the legally purchased product for an inflated price how the consumer wants to use it they will find that piracy and copying will only increase due to their greed. No wonder they have to pay large sums of money to corrupt politicians in brown paper bags to get the laws they want. People power (or should that be informed consumer power WILL win out in the next few years, and more so greedy executives and corrupt politicians will go to jail for their greed, it would seem that things do come to a justified end, all it takes is for consumers (people) to say no not good enough and we want those responsible to pay the price for what they have done. Long live truth, honesty and justice for all, and jail for those greedy politicians and companies who try to buy their wealth. After all unless we stand up and be counted the greedy corrupt bastards will win (well for a few years at least). CONSUMER POWER can control the prices of goods and the politicians we elect to work for us (not rich companies who can buy them) if only people stand up and use the the power they have to demand the right thing be done!!! In a few years we can say Welcome to the age of Aquarius where people pay a fair and reasonable price for stuff we purchase and can use it how we want, and more so the greedy corrupt people and politicians will not exist anymore because they will be in jail. Yep it it us to us voters and consumers to stand up and be informed, (obviously not by corrupt Govt and Corporations thesedays) counted and for democracy to be reinstated so it means what it is meant to mean. Bring on consumer and voter power so we can have a better and fairer world that benefits all people!!! See in a few years if I am wrong!

All’s fair in love and war. :X

I’ve noticed this a long time ago. Include PS3 when it comes to attach rates and exclude them from player sales data. lol…

So if HD DVD players sold 100K and BD player stand alones sold 80K. Some people could draw the conclusion that there are 380K HD DVDs sold and only 64K BDs sold. Wow, that’s brilliant! Very dirty but brilliant if they can move some people.

So if HD DVD players sold 100K and BD player stand alones sold 80K. Some people could draw the conclusion that there are 380K HD DVDs sold and only 64K BDs sold. Wow, that’s brilliant! Very dirty but brilliant if they can move some people.

This is too funny. The PS3 is not a Blu-Ray player when the HD-DVD guys want to show sold players. But it is a Blu-Ray player when they want to show software attach rates. :B Skewing the truth, eh, HD-DVD? A sign of desperation, maybe? :d

Both camps are showing signs of desperation…but Sony has much more to lose…much more. :X

just adding to what “I am not stupid” pointed out. If it’s getting harder and harder to turn a profit on hardware because of this. The tech savy people are the ones who likley to be the early adopters and pay over the odds for new technology as well as the ones who are likly to spot that their fair use rights are being erroded due to protections like AACS. Add to that, your average joe doesn’t want to know about firmware updades for there sub £100 or $200 HD-DVD or Blu-Ray players, they are just going to assume it doesn’t work and take back the player or the disk to their shop. What is really sad is that hollywood and AACS are the ones who have lost sight of this.

The trouble is DVD was “plug and play” so simple even grandpa could plug in to the TV and enjoy a movie. The picture was better, the media was more convenient and easy to store. Also, remarkably, was a single accepted format from the get-go to change to from tape. HD DVD and Bluray are going to always be a pain in the ass, because the foundations are laid in the hardware and software to shackle the consumer and bleed them a bit more further down the road. Techies know it, so many are not pulling the trigger on these abominations. They are also telling everyone that is not a techie to wait. Wait until we are sure there is a solution to this format war and also we can be sure that the content is not difficult to use or is going to be overloaded with DRM based revenue enhancing schemes. :d

Big deal guys! They are merely ‘spin doctoring’. Sony does it too as well as any media outlet. Take a poll for instance, anyone can use that and spin it so it looks like it goes their way.

It’s very funny to see an attach rate of 0.8, that means 2 out of 10 people bought a blu-ray player and no movies at all to watch. Mm… maybe that means they rent all the time?

The Blu-ray mob are feeling the heat no doubt. HD DVD is making serious inroads whilst Blu-ray is making serious detours :slight_smile:

I don’t know one person who owns HD DVD, everyone owns Blu-ray, and everyone I know who is “all for” HD DVD still don’t own it, they just imagine if they did own it, that is the format they would like because they can buy a player cheaper. They don’t realize they won’t have as many movies to choose from, and every time I go to the local electronics store everyone is looking through the blu-ray section. I’ve never seen someone buy a HD DVD, and every time I go back the Blu-ray section grows while the HD DVD section stays the same. It is now 2:1 selection of Blu-ray to HD DVD.