Blu-ray data discs (not video) - burning suggestions/tips?

I finally got myself a Blu-ray burner recently for my laptop (which is all I use nowadays, gave up desktops long ago), a Panasonic UJ240, and it works great but I’m now interested in actually using some BD-R media (can’t afford the seriously great Panasonic stuff so I’ll just have to make due with what I can afford for the time being and yes I’ve read a lot the past few days and will avoid any LTH BD-R media as well) and was wanting to ask for suggestions or tips. I would presume that burning data to a Blu-ray is basically the same style of operation as any other optical media (I use CD-R/RW and DVD+R, never used DVD-R until just recently) but again since this is my first Blu-ray burner and because the media ain’t cheap - even the cheap BD-R media is still vastly more expensive than DVD+R - I don’t want to waste any of them if I can.

My main question is with respect to the actual media itself. I read someplace but can’t find the info again that BD-R allows for session recording whenever I choose to do so, treating the media like a big gigantic “floppy” of sorts allowing me to add content when I wish and not having to basically fill the thing with just one session then finalize it. I can’t find much more info about that right now so I figured this is probably the best place on the entire Internet for optical media related questions so, there it is.

Just using this device for data backup as I only own a few Blu-ray movies I bought (grabbed a few from a pawn shop to make sure the drive works but I haven’t burned any BD-R yet, it does burn DVD+/-R pretty well so far, haven’t done any actual quality scans but I will at some point and check it with a full size LiteOn one that supports the quality scans with OptiDriveControl).

Any info is appreciated, thanks, just hoping to do things right the first time and not end up with a stack of BD-R coasters, basically. I’m sure things will go fine but I wanted to ask the questions anyway.

Forgot to mention that to get started and for testing I grabbed a pack of some no-name media that apparently has an MID of LGEBRA S04 and it appears to be HTL media, will find out what it can do when I get around to actually doing my first real burn here in a few days, ain’t in no major hurry at this moment.

Is there a country of origin on the package of discs? “Made in…”?

With what software do you plan to write to the media? Will you be using the built-in Windows burning engine, or something separate? The built-in burning support is, oddly enough, probably the easiest way to do multi session burns, but note that (just like older multi session methods) cross compatibility with old OSs (before Windows 7) might be a little weird.

(This assumes you’re using a computer with Windows 7/8/8.1/10.)

What Albert said
Also… consider Falcon Pro BD media, please note the Pro designation, not value or enterprise

No country of origin, the “TruSound” box is about as bare as packaging can actually be which is why I noted it’s a no-name brand. I tried to do a test burn with ODC earlier, it said it was burning at 4x (the speed rating on the discs shows 2x/4x so it defaulted to 4x) but the actual burn speed was like 0.88x till about 1/3 of the way in, then it moved to about 1.50 to 1.8x (slight fluctuations) all the way till about 96.4% then it crapped out with some error so there goes that idea. If I can’t even do a full proper burn with this cheap media then I’ll just have to wait to get something better. Kinda frustrated that happened because obviously at 0.88/1.5x the burn just to get to that 96.4% point took like 1 hour and 14 minutes, really damned slow but with cheap media that’s expected I suppose.

Been doing some reading and I found a blog from someone that was doing quality testing with a UJ240 BD burner and he discovered that the CMC CMCMAGBA5 MID media appeared to burn extremely well in the UJ240 so I’m going to try and locate some of that media, found some on Amazon for a good price (at least I think so, a 50 pack for $24) and hopefully it’ll improve things over this super crappy stuff I have at this moment.

A learning process, obviously.

As for burning software I suppose I’d like to use Nero depending on the version, and I only use Windows 7 (never used Vista, never used 8/8.1, and I only installed Windows 10 once to lock in the free upgrade for future owners of this laptop of mine if I choose to sell it - I myself will [I]never[/I] use Windows 10 as a daily runner OS, can’t stand it at all). I’ve never used the built-in burning ability of Windows 7 itself, just seems too unreliable based on reports from other people that have used it but perhaps I’ll give it a go.

Unfortunately I don’t have a full size quality check capable BD drive presently so I can’t even test the quality of the failed burn of that disc up to the point of failure (it might not even read to be honest). Guess at some point I’ll end up getting an actual full size proper BD burner/reader if I wish to get more serious about BD burning. I had hoped when I discovered this UJ240 it would be capable to at least some degrees but that might not be the case.

Pretty ironic that Panasonic, the parent company of Matsushita (same company really), appears to make the best BD blank media by far but their actual burners are dog-crap it seems. Funny how that works, eh? :smiley:

For the record this is what VSO and ODC show about the media:

Note that it says about an 80% success ratio with this particular media and this particular drive so, perhaps I’ll do another test burn or two and hope for the best, would prefer not to use 2x but if that gets me a solid burn then so be it. Will report back whenever I get that done.

Thanks for the responses so far.

Just realized I hadn’t updated my ODC to the latest, 1.70, don’t think that’ll matter but I unfortunately just started the 2x test burn, ugh, so I’ll let that finish and see what happens then update to 1.70 and if needed do yet another wasted disc. :wink:

Well crap, this is not good. Did the 2x burn, same drive, same media, same machine, same ODC, etc and… the pic speaks for itself:

That’s basically the same error with the first disc but it happened at 96.4% so, close enough to the same point in the process - I’m kinda irked that even though I set it for 2x burn speed it still just won’t adjust to anything over 0.88x or so which really sucks, look at how long that took to get that far, geez.

I’m suspecting the drive itself could be defective so I’m going to do some test burns with DVD-R media I got a few days ago, haven’t even opened the spindle pack yet, they’re Ridata media so I’m not expecting miracles.

Could be just a situation where Blu-ray burning ain’t for me, who knows. Been using DVD+R media for the past 15 years or so, never had any issues so this will be my first time ever using DVD-R which should work effectively the same.

Wish me luck. :wink:

Try not to fill the disc. Try filling it to 85 or 90% only

By the way, the reason it’s so slow is it is trying to do hardware defect management. That’s an option which can be set in each software. In this case, for ODC, enable “Streaming”; navigate to the setting by going File - Option - Write function & select Streaming.

You may still run into the issue at the outer edge with the option toggled, but that’s because LGEBRA… media can be garbage, like the first few discs:

In that case, you might still be able to use the discs you have, but as gonca said you will want to avoid filling them all the way. So only write up to…19 or 20 GB.

(You can tell ODC to write a specific amount of test data; located on the same page as the above Streaming option is a box to enter how much to write. Select the checkbox for BD, and try entering 20,000 MB.)

Thanks for the additional info, didn’t realize that option existed for ODC so I’ll look into that. I did a test burn using that Ridata media earlier and it turned out to be pretty damned good - I’m no expert at reading the quality scans but based on looking at others posted by other people this seems good/great to me, you tell me (tiny bit of some errors towards the very very end but I don’t typically burn DVD media to full capacity, usually keep it under 4.2GB which is quite aways off from full capacity around 4.37GB giving me room to spare):

Of course, with the BD-R I have I realized before gonca’s suggestion that perhaps maybe perhaps the media will be useful as long as I keep it well under that ~96% point so definitely “capping” the burn at about 18-20GB should be more than adequate, especially if I do a double verify on the media after the burn. I also use PAR technology to create parity files for data recovery after the fact and I use MD5 checksums on files as well so, I’m doing/have done most everything I can to ensure the data can be recovered before I even get around to burning it on optical media in the first place.

As long as I can get solid burns 18-20GB into the disc I’m good for the moment.

I do intend to get some better media or media that’s been shown to work well with the UJ240 drive, but I’m also already looking for a proper full size 5.25" BD burner so I’ll be doing more research and reading to find what other people are having good/great success with and what media shows itself as a good/great match for that particular drive.

So again, thanks for the responses, the info is very useful as my BD burning journey gets underway. :wink: