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Aiseesoft Blu-ray Creator : I have just come across this deal.

What you all think ?:confused:
Reduced from £27.00 to £13.50


You mean here


I tried this program as a giveaway a while back and, whilst it was easy to use, my player didn’t recognize the burnt disc as a blu-ray but rather considered it a data disc. Perhaps others have had better luck but I suggest that, if possible, you try before you buy.


One of the only commercial Blu-ray authoring programs I might recommend is TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5. But it is $99. And I don’t think it can work with VC-1 video at all.

MultiAVCHD is free, but cranky. You need patience to use this program.

BD Rebuilder can import virtually any type of file and give you a Blu-ray format output, but when making a compilation of several videos, the menu it generates is very basic. The menu is functional but not particularly pretty.

So there are other choices, and I’d use the free ones before anything else. That being said, I have an old copy of Encore that I use if I absolutely have to make a Blu-ray format video with a decent looking menu. Pretty rare for me, but I’ve done a few TV shows this way.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2738095]MultiAVCHD is free, but cranky. You need patience to use this program.[/QUOTE]
Couldn’t agree more. It’s what I generally use for blu-ray authoring but it has a very steep learning curve and it’s very easy to make mistakes even if, like me, you only use the most basic functions.