Blu ray creator



i am trying to convert mp4,mkv videos to a blu ray disk and most of the times didnt finish,34%,45%,68% and it says tha (canot converting this file,click ignore or abort)
My nerves are broken please help,i dont have promplem with dvd only with blu ray
Help,help,sory for my bad english:sad:<!-- google_ad_section_end -->


Try mkv2vob to transcode the mkvs to avchd disks etc :slight_smile: works for me :slight_smile:


:disagree: ill try it thanks


it just trascode the mkv and burn it directly to the disk or to the the hard disk and after to the blu ray writer


Ask the creators of that “mp4,mkv videos” to provide you with the real source…


Try multiAVCHD


[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2507403]Try multiAVCHD[/QUOTE]

+1^^^ It’s a great progam and pretty intuative to use and it’s FREE!! But please donate if it works for you. The creator is constantly inproving it, sometimes updating it (3) times a days.