Blu-ray copy protection sees the light



I just posted the article Blu-ray copy protection sees the light.

The current AACS protection isn’t enough. The company Xprotect comes with X-Protect Blu that should become available in Q3 of this year. The company claims that the copy protection will be…

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Great story Jan, glad I posted it on the forum and people saw an interest in it.


When are these idiot companies going to learn, money spent on copy protection is money WASTED. It does NOTHING to stop piracy, real piracy, the kind that actually cuts into the revenue stream. All these stupid schemes do is annoy legit customers, and even they end up with ways around them. If the content providers want to increase their profits, just stop buying useless DRM and copy protection crap, that’ll boost profits immediately.



If they want to really stop it there is an easier way but I am not going to get into details about it nor give them ideas either. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, that is all I can do when I see articles like this. These morons never learn and they might as well start a big bonfire and strat throwing in stacks of cash. It would be the same exact thing and would save everyone alot of headache. Dont these morons realize that updating copy protection will never work. All it takes is a single copy of a film to hit the p2p scene and its game over for that title. You can update the copy protection 50 times over and it wont matter. A pirated copy is already on the net makng its rounds on the thousands of bit torrent sites around the world. The only thing updating will do is stop the people who actually buy the movie from making a copy for themsleves at home but again all these people need to do is download it. Once again Copy protection only hurts the paying customer.

They will never learn!


LOLOLL. They press release came out July 9th and Slysoft cracked it July 10th? :bow:


I don’t believe Slysoft has said they’ve already cracked it. More along the lines of when this crap is release they will deal with it as they always do. :slight_smile: They’ve already deal with this kind of nonsense on DVD’s, so, they have experience already.

And yes, these idiot companies should just give up with copy protection and all that other nonsense. Look how well non-drm protected mp3’s are doing via and other online music retailers. Sell the stuff unprotected, pass the savings on to the consumer, and everyone wins. The people buying it aren’t the ones you need to protect it from…and you are never going to protect it from the people who aren’t buying it.


And who is going to pay the added cost of this new protection? Oh yeah- the stiffs that are laying down money right now to bring the format to the mainstream! Way to go! Nothing in life is free…

Boycott Bluray- show the studios that you are not going to let them control your purchases!


Yea, I agree. If these morons think they can raise prices on BD’s to cover the cost of this crap, they’re sadly mistaken. The penetration of BD is pathetic right now at best. The reason is the already high prices. If prices don’t come down soon, the entire format may be doomed to failure and go the way of HD DVD. That would be a shame as I rather like my BD movies. :slight_smile:


I wont purchase a Blu Ray player for this reason, its bullshit that my property has to be updated to protect against piracy, sure they say its compatible but how many times have blu-ray consoles been updated? So basically they are saying everyone who owns Blu-Ray are pirates and are treated as like! These people are pure genious! That is a special way to garner customer loyalty, tell them that they are pirates and that you have to frequently update your player that you purchased to prevent you from pirating!

Does this make sense? :disagree:


A complete and utter waste of time. This is enough to turn one off from Buying Blu-ray content for ever. Sony et al are megalomaniac control freaks. They stink - the lot of them. I’d rather burn a Blu-ray player than use one for free.


Where exactly does it say that Blu-Ray discs will use this? I only see a press release of some vendor, saying that they have a marvelous new DRM mechanism and saying that they are eager to sell it?

I suppose that, when someone comes with a new DRM mechanism for, e.g. DVD, as has already happened in the past, everybody will utter the same primal scream cries we are witnessing here, saying that DVD is bad, boycott DVD, etc. :rolleyes:


@ Johnzap - A new DRM scheme for DVD? Boycott DVD !!!


Well I have developed a new DRM consumer protection to stop the real Pirates (greedy Companies) stealing my hard earned cash for their overpriced crap while trampling my consumer rights, it is called BGCA (Boycott Greedy Corporate Asshóles).

It works so well those Companies can not ever defeat it, and it works by not buying ANYTHING from ANY company that tries to limit my rights and rip me off, and it costs nothing.

If only more consumers did the same we would be back to the good old days where consumers got a decent product at a decent price that they could use however they want.

The beauty of time is things change.


“A quick search on the internet learned us that the guys of AnyDVD HD already found out about the protection, and broke it…”

ROFLMAO!!! OMG this is too funny…and the funny thing about it, they probably spent thousands of dollars coming up with this scheme only to have it broken almost instantly.


I am already refusing to buy Blu Ray. This just makes my choice that much more justifiable. Blu Ray is already failing BIG TIME! It will soon be 3 years that it has been on the market and the market share is pathetic and getting trounced by SD DVD. SD DVD had more growth during 2007 than HD DVD & Blu Ray’s total figures combined. Everyone said as soon as there was a single format this would all change, NOT! The funny thing is HD DVD was actually beating Blu Ray like the first 3 months after it was announced that HD DVD was ceasing production, lol. Do yourself a favor and save your money. If HD is that important to you buy Toshiba’s super upconvertion players coming out this christmas and continue supporting SD DVD. Youll save a ton of cash and youll enjoy your films just as much as if they were true 1080p. If your so hard up for true 1080p that your enjoyment of watching films depends on the screen reolution then I feel sorry for you. Sure HD is nice but these prices are a joke and the people need to send a clear message to the studios that they will not put up with this BS anymore. SD DVD is the only way to go imo. Super cheap and a catalog that is over 75,000 titles strong. Dont get me wrong I enjoy HD just like the next guy but I am unwilling to get bent over to enjoy it and unlike alot of other people, my enjoyment of a film has very little to do with screen resolution, especially once you get past a certain quality and a HQ upconvertion player on a Pioneer Kuro Plasma is well past that level of quality. Bye Bye Blu ray…Next format please!


I love slysoft

I really wish people would realize and there was a way to make people understand that don’t how ridiculous it is to waste money on things like this