Blu-ray copy problem



I am new to TDmore and I am hoping I can get some help. I have noticed that, at times, when I am attempting to copy a disc (Using the “Main Movie” option), the software will take an excessively long time to scan the disc before giving me the prompt to start the copy. I have copied several discs and this does not happen on all of them but it does happen relatively often. Also when this really long wait time occurs, the movie comes out fragmented. Instead of giving me one complete movie, the software appears to break it down by the chapters on the disc. Is there any way to stop this from happening? I really don’t want to splice these fragments together. Any help will be appreciated. Thank You


It sounds a bit like you have run into a couple movie discs with a wild seamless branching copy protection scheme. Ripping programs can get confused and select the wrong title set (there can be dozens of fake title sets in the disc navigation) The result is a scrambled movie.

AnyDVD and DVDFab tend to be better at providing updates to deal with such titles.