Blu-ray capacity not enough for Metal Gear Solid 4

I just posted the article Blu-ray capacity not enough for Metal Gear Solid 4.

When Microsoft released the Xbox360, it claimed that DVD’s dual-layer 8.5GB capacity is plenty sufficient for any game. Despite the massive storage space available for…

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This is BS. The reason they are jammed for space is because of all of the pre-rendered HD video they had to stuff onto the disc. If Kojima would stop living in the mid-90s and grow up, ike Capcom did with Dead Rising, they’d have no problems fitting everything and a lot more into the game using game-engine rendered scenes, instead of wasteful, and entirely unnecessary HD video that often isn’t very seamless with the game itself.

Agreed. If GTAIV can all fit on one dvd, I think a linear type game such as Metal Gear could fit on a dvd.

This news fails to mention anything about the capacity they are supposedly having problems with. No mention as to whether the disc is single or dual layered. I agree with the video clips being totally unnecessary, they don’t add any value to the game whatsoever. These sequences always give me the feeling that it just “gets in the way”, or “yeah, yeah, whatever!”

What’s the problem with splitting the game across discs? It’s not like the player would be constantly swapping discs in and out. The slow speed of the BD drive in the PS3 means they can’t possibly need the space for the game environment.

The problem is, it was said that Blu-ray would have more than ‘enough’ space to hold any game. If developers need more space it’s clearly because of poor practices, not because the game is SO awesome. They should be worrying about gameplay, not the HD cut-scenes. Nobody buys a game to WATCH. They buy it to play. That being said, this better be one hell of a game. (Seriously doubting it though…)

I don’t understand what the problem is. If they need more space, they probably have to go with a 2disc version then. If it is that important.

To BenJeremy: BINGO! Damn, give this guy a freaking medal. :slight_smile: I highly doubt that the game binaries are anywhere near Bluray disc capacity. If it is, god it would be a nightmare to debug the millions upon millions of line of code! The HD cut scenes look awesome but are they really necessary? I bet the game binaries are probably no more than 1 GB. Throw in textures and stuff and maybe it is slightly higher.

If any of you believe that Kojima uses FMV, you’re completely misinformed. There are no CGI cut-scenes. Ever. Do you’re research.