Blu-ray burning problems

I have an LG BH10LS30 blu-ray burner and am having a problem trying to burn data files for archiving. I’ve tried Ashampoo Burning Studio 10, Nero 12 and Imgburn and none of them work. Ashampoo just stops working after it begins burning the disc, Nero shows an error message in the process log saying that it did a “reset” and was unable to write the disc; all of this occurring at about 1% of the burn, right after writing the directory, I believe, because when I view the disc contents afterwards, all the folders and filenames are there, but you just can’t open them. With Imgburn, the blu-ray drive begins the burning, then about a minute or so into it, the LED stops flashing and the program just stays there with no progress (no error messages). When it started, the filenames and such were incrementing as it was burning, then the filename just stopped on one of them and a few seconds later, the drive stopped burning.

The last time I used the blu-ray drive, I made copies of blu-ray videos I had, and they burned fine without any problems. (I usually have the drive disconnected and only connect it when I’m doing some blu-ray stuff; otherwise I have 2 other dvd burners connected to the computer.) Is this a drive hardware problem (which means it broke while disconnected and sitting in the computer) or something else? Your help is greatly appreciated as I’ve already made 6 BDR coasters… getting expensive.