Blu ray burning & pioneer bdr -206



Good Morning:

I just installed my new Pioneer BDR-206 Burner and I would appreciate all the help & advice I could get on Burning back-ups of my Blu Rays I’m accumulating.

This drive was highly recomended by some of you in the know. I have a subscription for DVDFAB DeCRYPTER now. Do I need to purchase an addition to this program or purchase their BLU RAY BURNER Version.? Also will I need any other program other than IMGBURN to complete my back-ups. I’ve taken your advice on Blank Discs & have bought some Verbatim 96769 25GB 4X Single Layer BD-R Recordables and I also have purchased a container of 25 RIDATA BLU RAY 4X BD-R 25 GB WHITE INKJET HUB RECORDABLE DISCS which were also rated quite highly.

I’m anxious to try Burning some . I’ve just purchased the ROCKY BLU RAY Collection and as I have two teen age grandsons , I would prefer to have them handle the back-ups and not the originals.

I hope some of you can help me.


DVDFab HD Decrypter should be enough to decrypt and rip most movies to the hard drive. It may not work on new releases, as this free version of the program will lag behind the commercial version by 6 to 8 weeks.

Many blu ray movies are too large to fit onto the blank 25gb disks you have purchased. For those, you need to compress the movie to fit. There is a free program for this, called BD Rebuilder. If you look in my signature, you’ll find a link to our guide to setting up the program and its basic functions. You can make complete backups compressed to fit the 25gb disks, or you can make main movie only backups.

ImgBurn is the program you need to do the actual burn.


Thanks for the info. Do you mean I can use my [B]Registered Version of DVD FAB HD Decrypter[/B] for this job? Also I checked on the[B] BD REBUILDER[/B] and it mentions in your Guide, [B]2 or 3 other programs[/B] to use in conjunction with it, is that correct & do U have to run these extras or do they run automatically in the background?

Would it be better for me to [B][/purchase Blu Ray Copy or Blu Ray RippeB][B]r[/B] by the same people that sell DVDFAB HD Decrypter?

When using BD REBUILDER to Compreee the size, would it be better for me to use my internal 1TB hard drive as the source & a SEagate 1 TB External Hard drive as the Destination drive?

Once I do one complete backup, I’m quite sure I can do these on my own.

Many Thanks & I await your reply.

[B] I don’t mind purchasing the Paid Version of Blu Ray Copy or Blu Ray Ripper,[/B] whichever I would need for the task if U think it would be much easier & I assume then it would work on New Releases.

Sorry to have so many questions but I want to have a good foundation before I attempt a backup. Would you know if the [B]ROCKY Collection of Blu Rays[/B] would be considered new releases or old?


Your registered version of DVDFab will have access to the DVDFab HD Decrypter section, so you will be able to use it to rip blu ray, with the noted caveat that brand new releases will probably not decrypt.

You would need the Blu Ray Copy section to have access to the decrypter/ripper for new releases and be able to compress with DVDFab. Very few people seem to like the results using DVDFab for compression of blu ray however, especially when doing direct comparisons of the results to those using the X264 encoder and the settings within BD Rebuilder. DVDFab cuts some corners in encoding parameters to insure a faster encoding time. I haven’t done this comparison myself…just passing along information that I’ve read over at doom9 and

I haven’t tried to use an external drive as the target. I suspect a USB 2.0 connection might be a bit of a chokepoint. I’m not an expert on usb throughput however, so take that with a grain of salt. USB 3 and a drive capable of making use of that new standard would be fine. But USB 3 and USB 3 capable hard drives aren’t very common yet.

Once you have the extra programs installed that BD Rebuilder needs, you don’t have to run them or adjust them again. BD Rebuilder will access them automatically as it needs to.

If you are talking about this Rocky Collection: you can see that it was released in 2007, and should pose no problems for the free DVDFab HD Decrypter section of DVDFAb.


By the way, if you ever want to convert Blu ray to dvds, avoid the DVDFab converter for this. It is, without question, the worst I’ve seen at this particular task. Terrible blocking, artifacts, loss of contrast, loss of sharpness…the results were [B]spectacularly[/B] bad.

And the subtitles were unreadable. They were rendered in black (on the black background under the picture!), with little white speckles. Unbelievable. It would be a complete waste of $40 for that little addition to DVDFab. And this was their latest, “improved” version. Whoof.

BD Rebuilder can usually do a good job at this task. Though it too has some trouble on occasion with blu ray format subtitles.


Many Thanks!!, Are U saying that when you open DVDFAB 8, U should change from the [B]highlighted DVD COPY[/B] to the bottom one,[B] HD DECRYPTER Free Edition[/B] to RIP the Blu Ray? So U would never leave the program set at the [B]Default DVD COPY Section[/B] to Rip the Blu Ray? If U bought the [B]Blu Ray Copier[/B] could U just use it to Rip the Blu Ray and still use the BD REBUILDER to compress?

Could I just use my Internal Hard Drive as my Source & Destination Drive? Are we talking hours to Rip the Blu Ray and as much time to Compress and what about the IMGBURN burn to a Disk?

Please stay with me here as I would like to do this properly to avoid Coasters, the Disks aren’t cheap.

I await your reply and THANKS once again.


I am not a DVDFab user, so details on how to use the Blu ray section should probably be asked in the DVDFab forum. I have DVDFab 8 (as the free Download of the Day offer), but I don’t use it, other than for testing purposes and will never buy it since I own AnyDVD HD.

With my edition, it finds the blu ray disk in the drive and automatically starts reading it. But I still have the trial options for the Blu ray Copy section too, so don’t rely on me on how to start the DVDFab HD Decrypter section.

If you buy the Blu ray Copy section, you could certainly rip the entire movie to the hard drive and use BD Rebuilder to compress if you’d like to do that.

You can use the same hard drive as source and target…it just slows things down. Ripping from the optical drive should take less than an hour…depends on the length of the movie of course. Compression time varies tremendously, depending on what type of compression you choose, main movie or full backup, and speed and number of cores in your cpu. I have a 6 core AMD 1055 cpu running at 3.4ghz and a main movie backup can take as little as a couple of hours (going to an mkv file) up to 6-61/2 hrs doing a two pass vbr encode. Again, it depends on the individual movie, how much action it has, how long it is and the settings of your encoder.

Looking through my ImgBurn logs, the last two BD burns I did took 20 and 22 minutes, burning at 4x speed.


There is a third option for decrypting and ripping Blu ray. I doubt that you will be interested in it, but thought I’d mention it. The program is called MakeMKV. It will decrypt and rip the blu ray movie to the hard drive and produce an mkv file normally, but there is also an option to do a straight rip as a complete copy of the movie by clicking Backup. If you do this Backup option, you should also click the option to remove the encryption on the files.

MakeMKV is free to use while in beta, and seems to be perpetually in beta status. You can download new beta keys from their forum in this thread:

MakeMKV has some of the same issues as DVDFab HD Decrypter, in that it doesn’t seem to keep up quite as quickly on new releases, but you cannot complain about its price.


Sorry I didn’t see your Post earlier, Kerry56 is a knowledgeable person but he really doesn’t know DVDFab. I have been using this software for many years when it was only for DVD Back ups. Now I use both the Blu-ray and DVD paid versions, and I love it. If you are new at Backing up Movies I suggest start with Backing up DVD’s first. I do Movie Only, and they usually fit on a Single Layer Disc. I only use Verbatim for DVD and Blu-ray, and use DVD+R, DVD+R DL, BD-R, and BD-R DL. When I convert the Blu-ray to DVD I use the DVD DL to get the most resolution. It works good, considering you have to cut down, you are not going to get Blu-ray resolution. I burn my Blu-rays with IMGBurn, so all you need is DVDFab and IMGBurn. If you are serious about good Back ups get DVDFab paid version, and you need a good fast strong Workstation, Laptops are not durable enough.


Hi alchav21. I own the Paid Version of DVDFAB HD DECRYPTER and have burned hundreds of DVD’s.
I am new to the Blu Ray Burning. Should I purchase the BLU RAY COPY Paid Program from Fentago? I only want to make Back-Ups of my Blu Rays to Blu Ray Blank discs. I have used IMGBURN for years now. Do you use BD REBUILDER & the Extra programs to compress your Blu Ray’s after you rip them? I have purchased Verbatim 25GB 4X BD-R Discs so I will be compressing them to the 25 GB discs.

I would appreciate a reply.


[QUOTE=PWANJO;2588160]Hi alchav21. I own the Paid Version of DVDFAB HD DECRYPTER and have burned hundreds of DVD’s.
I am new to the Blu Ray Burning. Should I purchase the BLU RAY COPY Paid Program from Fentago? I only want to make Back-Ups of my Blu Rays to Blu Ray Blank discs. I have used IMGBURN for years now. Do you use BD REBUILDER & the Extra programs to compress your Blu Ray’s after you rip them? I have purchased Verbatim 25GB 4X BD-R Discs so I will be compressing them to the 25 GB discs.

I would appreciate a reply.[/QUOTE]

No, I only use DVDFab Copy and Ripper for both DVD and Blu-ray, with Blu-ray to DVD Converter. For DVD Back ups and Burning I use DVDFab, for Blu-ray Burning I use IMGBurn. This is all I use and I highly recommend DVDFab for all your Blu-ray needs. As for compressing, I really don’t like to do this because it takes away from the full resolution. Like I said, I do Movie Only and when it doesn’t fit on a 25Gb BD-R I will use a 50Gb BD-R DL, but if the Movie is slightly over 25Gb I will compress to fit. For traveling or your kids, the DVD Converter comes in real handy. :cool:


I have tested many different ways of converting blu ray to dvd. DVDFab is the worst I’ve seen. Not one of the worst, not mediocre, it is by far the lowest quality output I’ve ever seen. HCenc, either used directly or through auxiliary programs, blows it away. [Edit: I’m talking about conversion from blu ray format to dvd-video, not simply compressing to fit a blank dvd and make a BD5 or BD9]

This of course has nothing to do with what PWANJO is trying to do, but I have to emphasize this outcome.

You have experience with Fab, and seem to like it. I see no problem in buying the Blu Ray Copy section if you wish to have quicker updates for decryption. My advice is to try both Fab and BD Rebuilder for yourself in making compressed copies of your blu ray movies. You need to make this sort of decision based on what [B]you[/B] see in the output from your blu ray player and screen.

BD Rebuilder is free after all , and the only thing you would be out would be a little bit of time setting it up. If you don’t see a difference between the two, use whichever one you are most comfortable with.



Got your PM so here is what I suggest…

At this time I would hold off on buying the DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, Fengtao is doing many changes to the programming and many bugs are being reported, course there is the 30 day free trial you can use to see if it does the job.

Just remember to rip the files to your HDD first before burning to a blank media and use ImgBurn to burn with, to be honest I’m not into BR but if I was I would use or at least test BD Rebuilder first before buying Blu-ray Copy from Fengtao.


Thanks fellows for your feedback. I think I will hold off as U said, StormJumper buying DVDFab Blu-ray Copy until a later date where you are so knowledgeable with Fengtao’s products. I will try BD REbuilder & its components where necessary to compress before burning with IMGBURN.

I just ripped the first ROCKY Blu-ray with DVD FAB and find that it is only 21.5 GB so I assume that I would not need to COMPRESS it for my 25 GB blanks. I created a TEMP file folder for Blu-rays and inside that I created one called ROCKY and then one called VIDEO_TS. Would that be correct. How now do I create an ISO file like I do withe DVD’s or do I use IMGBURN now in a different way to create a backup of ROCKY?

Thanks again Kerry 56 & alchav21 for your constructive input and to my “old reliable” StormJumper who has been there for me when I started burning DVD’s and all thru out my learning curve. I meant that in a good way, StormJumper.

I would appreciate comments on ROCKY & the fact it seems to be under 25 GB & how I continue from here.


Well like I said I’m not into BR so not sure what the folers are but DVDFab should have created everything in the correct fiolders and you should just have to burn with ImgBurn, hopefully Kerry or some one into BR can step in to help on that one.


The original blu ray should have three folders, one called BDMV, one called Certificate and another called AACS. When I rip with AnyDVD HD, the AACS folder containing the copy protection gets changed to ANY!, but it looks like DVDFab doesn’t include the AACS folder in any form.

To burn to a disk, you simply import the BDMV and Certificate folders into ImgBurn in Build Mode and have Output as Device (your blu ray burner). If the BDMV and Certificate folders are inside the Rocky folder, you could just import the Rocky folder. In Options set the file system to UDF and the UDF revision to 2.50. ImgBurn will recognize blu ray structure and ask to change to those settings if you haven’t got it set correctly.

There are no Video_TS folders in blu ray, so don’t make one.

A blank blu ray 25gb disk will hold approximately 23.3gb of data, so it looks like your first disk should fit without compression. ImgBurn will calculate the available space and the input, so if it won’t fit, you will get an error message popup.


Thanks Kerry :smiley:


Hi guys. Sorry it’s been so long getting back to you. First of all, Many Thanks, in this case, Kerry , your guidance got me through the 1st Rocky disc & in the end it worked flawlessly. Here are some observations which you might comment on.
First of all, when I put the Rocky Blu-ray in the Pioneer burner to rip it to my internal hard drive, I loaded DVD Fab Decrypter and it immediately put the Blu-ray Copy Trial Version of DVD Fab into action. It then defaults to making a MINISO file. You then need to download their DVD Fab Virtual Drive. I tried to play the Miniso file and it loaded in my Nero 10 Platinum HD KWIK MEDIA program & started to play the movie. However, it was consistently jerky & I deleted it. After reading your last post, Kerry, I decided to rip the" Movie only". I unchecked the box in DVD Fab Blu-ray Copy so that a MINISO would not be made.

Again I only ripped the MOVIE itself, the “highlghted one”. I created a DVD Fab Temp Blu-Ray Folder and then a folder inside that called ROCKY_1.

I then proceeded with the rip.It produced the 2 files U said it would. I then loaded them into IMGBURN, made the changed U advised & It started to work on the movie but seemed to be slow. It constantly was going between Writing and Waiting for Buffer to Recover & Waiting for the Hard Drive to reach the Threshhold level. It kept going through each cycle and when I left to go to town with my wife it was at about 6% complete. When I came back 3 hours later, it still hadn’t finished. It seemed to be working faster after it got by 60%.

My Motherboard is an ASUS P5Qc about 2 years old. The chip is an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Processor running at 3.00 GHZ. It has 6 MG of L2 Cache, running at 1333MHZ. I have 8 GB(2-4’s) of Crucial DDR3 SD Ram 1333 PC3 10600.I have installed a BFG 9800GT OC 512 GDDR3 Video Card.I believe my internal Hard drive is a Seagate 1 TB 7200 .

All of a sudden, it hit me why it may be so slow burning with IMGBURN.[B] I believe I ripped the movie to my External USB 2.0 Seagate Drive instead of my internal Hard Drive. [/B]When I got done it seems I used up a ton of space on my External Drive but I don’t know where it went as I burned the movie to a Blu Ray Disc in my Pioneer Internal Blu-ray Writer drive. I deleted the Ripped Rocky file when I was done but it seems I’ve used a few hundred GB of space on this external 1 TB drive. Does anyone have ideas on where to look? Surely I can delete some stuff.

I’m using Windows 7 Pro as my operating system.

One more thing, I don’t believe I can avoid using the DVD Fab Blu-ray copier when I load a Blu-ray & DVD Fab Decrypter. It automatically reverts to the Blu-ray Copier & wants to do the MINISO file.


Well like I said, I have been burning Blu-ray Back ups for a while now with DVDFab and IMGBurn Movie Only with no problems. Kerry56 is correct, the two Folders needed are BDMV and Certificate, burning in Data Mode. Last year I built myself a Core i7 3.2Ghz Windows 7 Pro, with 12Gb of RAM, and 3 HDD’s the last one is 1.5Tb that I use for my Video Storage. I burn with a Plextor BD-R. I name the Folders I store my Movies in by the Title. So the Folder is called Blu-ray and the Subfolder I put the Rocky Movie is called Rocky. I still do DVD Back ups, and that Folder is called DVD. I’ll keep the Files and Folders for a while until I need the room. I use to Stream the VOB Files with a Media Player to my HDTV over Ethernet. :cool:


Hi Kerry. Wondered if you had a chance to read my post after following your advice. Did U know that DVDFAB , once it recognizes the disc as a Blu-ray, it auto chooses the Blu-ray copy trial program to rip the disc. I decided I would do [B]Movie Only[/B] for all my work. I have checked and the Rocky_2 is about 30 GB. If I compress that movie , would there be a noticable loss of quality in the back-up. Also I am going to need some help with FFDSHOW as the MPEG2 decoding is DISABLED and is shown as using MPEG2 codec.

Also , with Windows 7 Pro I need to change I believe the format WMV3/9 which is marked disabled, and directly under WMV3/9 in the format area is VC-1 which is disabled.

Can U help me set these properly before Unzipping BD REBUILDER. I await your reply.

Also Thanks to StoermJumper who always seems to be therte lending a helping hand.

Thanks also to Alchav21 for you info . I too proves helpful to me.

I would appreciate your help, Kerry when U have the time.