Blu-Ray Burner With Scanning Abilities That Isn't 2x The Price?



Hello, all!

Best I can tell, really the only internal blu-ray burners that support disc quality scanning are the Lite-On drives.

Is this true? If not, please direct me to another brand that is able to do so.

Either way, are there any that are not more than 2x the price of a standard blu-ray burner?

The only one that can scan that I’ve been able to find is this Lite-On ( for $97, whereas I could grab an LG ( for $40.



Well, first of all the LiteOn you mentioned is NOT a BD-writer, only a so-called combo drive, i.e. DVD/CD-writer with BD-ROM abilities!
You should look for Liteon iHBS112/212/312 writers or currently available if you’re lucky the OEM 112 version DH-12B2SH.


And that’s your only option for internal drives – the LiteOn iHBS_12 and its clones. Or you could get an external Samsung BD-RE drive (they only do slim drives for this category, unfortunately).


Thank you for the replies! (and good catch on the Blu-Ray combo drive, Oinker!)

Hmm… That’s unfortunate. I read a post from a couple of years ago stating that Lite-On is no longer manufacturing Blu-Ray drives. Is this correct? If so, that would explain the shortage.

I did run across some iHBS112s on eBay… Any idea whether these are legit, or whether there would be any kind of manufacturer’s warranty? (I’ve generally avoided eBay in the past, so don’t have a whole lot of experience purchasing stuff on there)

Also, Albert, you mentioned clones… What are companies sell Lite-On clones?


They are also hard to find now. Since some years ago, LiteOn produces drives under the HP and Plextor brand names, so any 12x BDRE drive you found would be an iHBS_12 model. So HP BD 335i or HP BD 340i, Plextor PX-LB950SA or PX-B950SA. (External versions of those are the same drive, as well.)

Optiarc BD-5300S and Sony BWU-500S.


Generic OEM models that were meant for pre-built computers (from Lenovo, HP, Dell, etc) and are sold as DH12B2SH or similar (as Oinker mentioned).

Those are the popular ones. ASUS also rebadged the iHBS drives, but used LG drives as well. So there are early ASUS BW-12B1ST models which are LiteOn, and later versions which are LG, and I don’t think there’s a reliable way of knowing which is which until you get the drive and install it.

There might be others I’ve missed, but I think those models are fairly inconsequential.