Blu-ray burner for scan media

Hello, I’ve a Matshita BD-MLT SW 5583 Blu-ray writer.
I think is a great DVD Burner, but some blu-ray blank media aren’t great for this burner.
Anyway, i need to know best blu-ray burner for make scan burned blu-ray and best software.
I see that a lot of people use OptiDrive instead Nero DVD Speed.
Last question:
ImgBurn make an error at the end of the burning process, but finish with burnig successful message, DVDFab makes no error with same burner and blank blu-ray media.
Any ideas?


If you want to scan you have not much choices. A Liteon iHBS x12 which are not in production anymore, but maybe to get used or a LG with special FW (Vinpower)

Pioneers BD-drives are the best in burn quality, but not usable for scan

Opti DRive Control is the better choice for scan BD, for CD/DVD I still use CDSpeed.

I don´t use imgburn, but maybe someone here can help you if you write which error comes up.

Great, many many thanks.

iHBS x12 like 112 or 212?


Yes, and 312 also

All can scan out of the box without patched Firmware and are the most used scanner for BD-R

Are they best for scanning DVD also?

Actually i’m using Lite-ON DH-20A4P ( I think was a Benq drive) to scan DVD burnt.

There not much difference with same-generation-drives, I prefer a DVD-writer for scan DVD

Newer drives than your 20A4P show higher PI, someone say the old drives more accurate, someone say newer is more accurate. But at least I can´t say who is right :wink:

It´s better for comparing if you use always the same scanner

Hello, today arrived a Lite-ON IHBS212 in very good conditions.
At this moment was plugged SATA to my PC.
Now, i see most scans of Blu-ray on this site and i see that all media ID have a lot of errors than DVD media!
I need to know, with OptiDrive the scan velocity to set to make them.
I need the ipper velocity and the bottom velocity in Disc quality tab.

P.S.: can you tell me your best choice of blank BD-R media and speed to burn it?


First start with ODC -> options -> Deactvate “Read disc lable automatically”

Insert a BD-R, click “Disc Quality”, change upper speed to 6x, Start Full, wait a bit and change upper speed to 8x

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Your preferite Blank BD-R MID?
Finally, I’ve also a Pioneer S09 and Pioneer 209 Blu-ray burner.
The best speed to burn?

Speeds depend on the media, best results with most media is 4x-6x, I mosty used rated speed (except with 8x PrimeOn which is not good media)

Best media is Panasonic, but hard to get and expensive

My 2nd recommendation is CMC MAG BA5, to find in Verbatim 6x-media.

Original Verbatim media is also hard to find

Pioneer is IMHO a better burner for most media than LiteOn

What means IMHO?

in my humble opinion :wink:


The only media my Lite burns better than a Pioneer is RITEKBR3. Dunno why the Lite is here much better than other writers, but after 3 years t´s senseless because my burns on this media were unreadable