Blu Ray burner for HP Pavilion dv9205us laptop

Hello, Can anyone please let me know if there is a Blu Ray burner I can use in my HP Pavilion dv9205us laptop?


I don’t know of any slim Blu Ray Burners that are available to the general public yet. You can buy an entire laptop with a Blu Ray burner included—Dell has one for under $1000 from what I’ve read, called the Inspiron 1525. But you are a little early for notebook Blu Ray burners in the retail channel.

There is an LG external Blu Ray burner that can hook up to your laptop via usb. But that may be a bit clumsy for you.

After a bit more poking around, I did find a Lenovo 2x Blu Ray notebook drive.,62390993-sortby,retailer/pricing.html

Whether it will fit your notebook is something I do not know, and cannot hazard a guess.