Blu-ray burner buy recommendation

What would be your favorite and why?

  1. Pioneer BDR-S07XLT
  2. LiteOn iHBS 312
  3. LG (?)
  4. or a other model

I’m curious about its ideas.:wink:

If You can go withot quality scans, take a Pioneer S07 or S08XLT.

Pioneer BDR-S07XLT or
Pioneer BDR-S08XLT

S07 (1.30) Is the current firmware better than by the S08?

The differences are marginal, it´s more like series deviation.


What do you think?
Is a price from 76,00 € compared to Japan and United States
or other regions ok?

The price for the european version is 0k.

That price is standard these days.


Do you know if BDR-S08XLT has M-Disc support?
I was thinking of buying BDR-S08XLT, as it is dust proof and I have been very happy with my older model Pioneer, but I just noticed Asus BW-16D1HT …

I’ve got this one: LG Electronics WH14NS40. I like it because it isn’t rip-locked and it’s (relatively) cheap.

Only LG has the license for M-disc?

[QUOTE=oldburny;2695093]Only LG has the license for M-disc?[/QUOTE]

As you can see this Asus has M-disc support

Question is, is that ASUS drive another clone?!

I think there is a LG drive under the hood!

[QUOTE=oldburny;2695258]I think there is a LG drive under the hood![/QUOTE]

How did you come to this conclusion? Do you have anything to back this up with?

“D” letter in the model index of Asus drive means that it is Hitachi-LG drive - for example remember DRW-24D1ST, DRW-24D3ST, BW-14D1XT… They all are LG clones.

Also, just compare these Asus and LG drives by eye and you will see that they even look similar.

Along with the evidence by the naming scheme:

Only LG does M-Disc. Pioneer, Matshita, LiteOn, Samsung do not. Asus doesn’t do its own drives. So if it has M-Disc, it’s going to be an LG.

(Plus, only LG, LiteOn, and Pioneer have relatively high-speed BDR drives, but LiteOn maxes out with its old 112/212/312 12x drives, leaving Pioneer and LG. Asus hasn’t rebadged a Pioneer in some time now.)

I enjoy my Pioneer BDR-S07XLT. I’ve owned many Pioneer’s in my time and they have been rock solid.

[QUOTE=sheldance;2695410]I enjoy my Pioneer BDR-S07XLT. I’ve owned many Pioneer’s in my time and they have been rock solid.[/QUOTE]

It can also work together with the good old Feurio 1.68. :wink:

Which firmware do you use with the BDR-S07XLT?

I have Pioneer BDR-205BK, was thinking it is time to upgrade, and BDR-S08XLT is looking good …