Blu ray burner and disk question

I was very interested in getting into the BLU RAY scene. I was curious because I would like to start backing up my blu ray movies.

I had a couple basic questions.

  1. I would like a good BR burner but I’m kinda new to these. Could someone point me in the right direction of a good burner that won’t break the bank?

  2. Can I use duel layer disks to back up blu rays? I saw some blu ray disks but they are crazy expensive!!! Like 40 bucks for 3 disks.

  3. I just want to back up the entire blu ray disk. Nothing fancy. So how many movies can I fit on a blank disc?

Thank you so much. Sorry for the newb questions. But I gott start somewhere lol =)

The blu ray burner that most would recommend is not a very inexpensive one. It is the Pioneer BDR-205BKS:

If that is just completely out of your price range, there is this LG for sixty dollars less:

If you don’t intend to burn blu ray media, you don’t have to have a blu ray burner at all, just a blu ray rom drive. You might want a combo drive that can only read blu ray, but can read and burn single and double layer dvds Here is an example at Newegg:

There are several more BD combo drives available there, from manufacturers including LG, Samsung, Lite-on and Asus

It is possible to back up blu ray movies. You’ll need a decryption program for this. AnyDVD HD and DVDFab are two good choices. DVDFab has a section within it called DVDFab HD Decrypter. It will continue to function as a decryption/ripping program even after the trial for the main section expires. The only caveat is that it will lag behind the commercial version by 8 weeks or so on decryption updates.

The other program you’ll need is BD-Rebuilder, which is free. I wrote a guide for it here:

BD-Rebuilder can compress a blu ray movie to fit a double layer or single layer dvd. The format will still be blu ray (AVCHD compliant), so you’ll need either a blu ray player to play the movies, or play them on your computer with the appropriate software. If you are considering making backups to dvds, be sure that your current (or future) blu ray player can play AVCHD compliant disks. You might want to look through this entire thread at doom9:

You’ll only fit one blu ray movie onto a single layer or double layer dvd. The average blu ray movie will be over 30gb, and those target sizes are 4.3 and 7.9gb. That is quite a lot of compression. The double layer backups look very good by the way.

BD Rebuilder can also output to fit 25gb blu ray blank media. This is my choice for backups. Of course you’ll need a blu ray burner for this option. I suggest Verbatim brand blu ray media, though I don’t recommend their LTH variety of blu ray disks unless you are absolutely certain that your burner and all your players are compatible with those organic dye blu ray disks. The Verbatim LTH disks do tend to be less expensive.

Thank you for your response. I want to say that first lol

But let me start by saying I already have a DVD burner and a licensed copy of DVDfab. I have been burning regular DVDs for sometime now. I just use DVDfab and it does everything for me.

But I would get the better of the two drives you gave to me.
It’s not that bad of a price.

I just want to back up and entire blu ray disc. I know I need dvdfab for this.
I was told that you could not use duel layer disks though. I was told you could only use official blu ray Sony blank discs. Which are crazy high. Lol

So I guess you can use the program called BD Rebuilder. That’s good cause I can get a better deal on those duel layers instead of the licensed SONY ones.

So if you go the duel layer back up way… They still look really good and are 1080P quality?

I had one more question. If I own a licensed copy of dvdfab can I use the HD decrypter? Or must I purchase this separate from my regular dvdfab services?

Thank you very much

DVDFab has its own version of Blu ray backups. If you purchase the Blu ray to Blu ray addon, you will get updates for decryption sooner and you can use Fab to do the compression of the disks as well.

If you’d rather use the free decryption section, that should be available for you too. BD-Rebuilder will work just as well, and has options for very high quality output as well as the faster encoding options that match DVDFab for speed.

You don’t absolutely have to have Sony brand blank blu ray. As I stated earlier, Verbatim blu ray disks are good, and considerably cheaper. If you burn to double layer dvds, make sure to buy Verbatim or Falcon brand…nothing else.

BD-Rebuilder can output to either 1080p or 720p, depending on how you set up the program. If you are backing up the entire disk to a double layer disk, you might want to try 720p and see if you like the results. It should be better quality than 1080p for that task, but it is your choice. Personally, I’d do main movie only backups to dvds.

Ok I think I’m getting it down now. I do have a licensed copy of DVDFAB but I don’t think I bought the blu ray add on.
Can I still purchase this? If so how much is it?
Also can I still burn regular DVDS?

Also you said Verbatim blu ray discs work also. My question is do you mean Duel layer verbatim discs? Or actual blu ray vitbatim discs?
Because I have never seen that brand in blu ray only duel layers?
I went to best buy and never saw them.

So If I buy the blu ray addon I can burn the disk with DVDFAB all by itself?

BD Rebuilder is just a free tool if I don’t want to buy the add on right? Or do I need that no matter what.

One more question. I think I will just burn the main movie on a duel layer. If I do can I still get 1080p resolution? I want the easiest way to get that quality on a duel layer.

Sorry if I’m confusing. I just want to get this down so I can help other noobs on this forum.

Thank you again

The Blu ray addon for DVDFab is not cheap. A two year license is €72, and a lifetime license is €105.60. The additional functions will not interfere in the slightest with your current use of DVDFab. If you buy this addon, it will be able to compress your blu ray movies to fit a 25gb blu ray blank, a double layer dvd or a single layer dvd.

If you burn to blu ray, you will probably want to use ImgBurn, a free burning program that can be used by DVDFab or BD-Rebuilder. Or you can use it independently of either of those programs. Imgburn is also the best burning program available for burning double layer dvds.

Verbatim makes good single and double layer dvds…the best for double layer dvds in fact. They also make two different types of blank blu ray disks. The regular inorganic blu ray disks are the ones I use. Here is an example at

BD-Rebuilder is available if you don’t want to invest in the blu ray to blu ray section for DVDFab. There is no great difference between them, except, from all that I can tell, DVDFab is set by default to use fairly fast encoding parameters. BD-Rebuilder can also be set to work faster, but the very best quality comes from the 2 pass encodes, especially if there is a lot of compression to be applied, or if there is a lot of action in the movie. Encoding times are dependent on the speed of your computer and the more cores you have in the cpu the better for this particular task.

You can set BD-Rebuilder to do a main movie backup to a double layer dvd. I don’t use DVDFab, but I’m sure the same can be said for that program as well. When compressing to fit a double layer dvd with BD-Rebuilder, I’d use one of two settings, either the High Quality (2 pass) or the one pass ABR setting. If you don’t care about the time it takes to encode the 2 pass would be preferable.

I dont mind buying the blu ray opition if it is a very simple and easy setup. meaning i can put the blu ray in and it does the rest. its not a must but it fits my busy lifestyle.

I like the link you sent me for the verbatim blu ray discs. but If i was going to go with the Duel Layer verbatim discs would you have a link for those?

so to recap If I buy the dvdfab addon I wont need BD- Rebuilder at all?

I dont mind buying the verbatim blu ray discs if it will look just like a real BLU RAY DVD I bought off the shelf?
to me thats worth it.

so I can use single, duel, and Blu Ray black discs to back up BLU RAY MOVIE ?

but using a single layer dvd there will be a ton of compression. the duel layer there will be some but not as much. then the blu ray there will be very little.

will there be any difference in quality if I use any of the 3 kinds of discs?

If there will be I will splurge for the blu rays…

sorry Im just trying to learn… its alot different from regular dvd back ups lol

thank you guys

I didn’t try to find the cheapest price, but here is the selection for Verbatim +R DL disks at supermediastore:’VERBATIM’

You can find similar listings at,, and

If you buy DVDFab Blu ray to Blu ray, you won’t need BD-Rebuilder. This is true. But the only thing you get as an advantage is convenience.

The blu ray movies backed up to 25gb blu ray disks will be as good as it gets on copies unless you want to do full backups to 50gb blu ray disks. Most blu ray movies are in the 30-40gb range when you include everything on the disk, and even doing a movie only backup you will often be over the size limit to fit a 25gb blank disk without compression.

If 50gb blank disks were at all reasonable in price you wouldn’t need to do compression at all, but you can buy a second copy of the movie often times for the price of the 50gb blanks.

The amount of compression applied will, of course, affect the quality of the output. This is a truth that cannot be denied or avoided when backing up this format. Whether you can tell any difference in actual playback is another matter. You should look through this thread:

And as I said before, you should check to see if your current blu ray player can handle AVCHD format before going to the trouble of making backups to dvd disks. Blu ray players are not required to support blu ray video on dvds, and some don’t play it at all.

Wow thanks for the links for the difference of the BD-Rebuilder and Original Blu Ray movie!
If you look its very hard to tell honestly. lol

the first link you gave me for the burner this one:

Pioneer Black 12X BD-R 2X BD-RE 16X DVD+R 5X DVD-RAM 8X BD-ROM 4MB Cache SATA Internal Blu-ray Burner Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD Writer BDR-205BKS - OEM

I will most likley be using my PS3 as my main blu ray movie watching device.
Will my PS3 support AVCHD format ? So If I decide to use duel layers as my back up for blu rays they will play in a PS3?

If not I will be in the market for a new blu ray player i guess lol

You said in your last post that the only advantage I would get from buying the DVDFAB ADDON would be connivence. Do you mean like easier to use or just that the new release titles would take an update before I could back them up? I hope im not confusing anymore then I have…

just trying to figure out what programs i would need to run to back up the blu ray if I didnt use DVDFAB blu ray add on?

Thanks so much for the help you are a life savor

The PS3 is listed in that thread at doom9 as compatible with backups to dvd media if you make a movie only backup. Many players don’t seem to like to play blu ray video off of dvd media when you include the menu.

As for my comment on convenience, I just meant that you are accustomed to using DVDFab, and probably know the general controls of the program. Adding the Blu ray functions will be easy for you to learn. Also, you’ll have the decryption updates quickly. The actual output from DVDFab will not be superior to BD-Rebuilder.

If you decide not to get the addon, read my guide for BD-Rebuilder. You should be able to set it up and use fairly quickly. The big issue is always going to be decryption of the blu ray titles, especially newer ones. Blu ray encryption is fairly complex and changes all the time with BD+, so updates are important. If you are not in a hurry, the free section within DVDFab will be fine, as it does eventually get the necessary updates.

Now, if you really want to get confused, there is another free tool that can decrypt blu ray, but the output from it is an .mkv file that cannot be played on a PS3 without further processing. That tool is called MakeMKV. You can run the resulting .mkv file through tsMuxeR or MultiAVCHD to get an AVCHD compliant blu ray output that will play on the PS3. I have never tried this, since I have AnyDVD HD and BD-Rebuilder, but it is another option for decrypting blu ray.

I think I have this down pat now… Im almost certain I will be purchasing the blu ray add on for dvdfab. Its very easy and convenient for my lifestyle. Plus I dont mind supporting them. They have been working very hard on this service. Now with that being said I only have a couple more questions.

I have a PS3 so that is good. But I have a newer version. I hope they didnt take that feature out of the newer ones?

Also do you know any Blu Ray players off hand that are compatible with running BD media from a Duel Layer?

My girlfriend has a BLU RAY player but where do I look so see if it can handle AVCHD format? will it just say AVCHD compatible?

thanks so much for the help…

All versions of the PS3 will play movie only BD backups on dvd media. That is what I’ve read…I don’t own one myself.

Look in the manual for your gf’s player. It should list AVCHD if it is a supported format, but the only real way to know is to try one in it. The thread at doom9 listing compatible players is here:
I haven’t been keeping up with which players are compatible. The latest one listed there is the Samsung BD-C5500…found on the last page of that thread.

There are some listed here: but that thread is not completely up to date.

I’ll ask Platinumsword if he knows of a complete list. He knows players and HD equipment better than anyone else around here.