Blu-Ray BCAs - Identifying BD blanks by eye

Hello All!

Another one of my crazy posts - this one’s strictly for media “freaks”.

I’ve decided to scan the BCAs of my collection of Blu-Ray discs, so you can see what the BCAs look like and can probably use this information to identify blanks just by looking at them with your naked eye.


Nice! :clap:
BTW, where did you get those Prodisc BD-Rs?

Ah, well the Prodiscs came from eBay -

I haven’t had enough long term experience to say how well they hold up, but the code and my burners all say it’s a 4x “grade” disc, the seller likes to hype up the 10x as certain burners may overspeed. They’re definitely cheap :).

Well that’s a whole new way of scanning discs! :smiley: