Blu-ray back up and SD cards on HD TV

I have a question

if you have slysoft AnyDVD HD and back up your blu-ray discs

and if you have a hi definition TV that has a SD card slot,

whats stopping you from copying blu-ray discs and playing them on your TV (vis SD Card)???

I am missing something?

There are only a few TV that can playback hidef via SD Card. The other reason is, you can also backup your blu-ray to cheaper DVD and retain most of the quality (not 100% but very close to the original). Then, blu-ray blanks will be cheaper and cheaper and it is going to be more economical and comfortable to have them in BD-R discs rather than SD cards.

If you don’t hear from an owner of the TV that it can play back a non-converted high def file, I would assume it can’t. If the TV is capable you would need a card that had reasonably high transfer speeds - probably a Class 6 or better SD card should work if the TV supports high definition.

The TV supports AVCHD (through SD Cards) which is not exactly blu-ray but very close in quality (from what I hear?)

but could be done? and worth it?

or is making a higher def DVD as zaina said a better option?


I know Panasonic HDTV has SDHC card slot that can play MPEG2 and AVCHD movies normally generated by Hi-def camcorders. I believe the HDTV only accepts MPEG-2 PS (Program Stream) and AVCHD with .mp2 (MPEG-1 Layer 2) or Dolby Digital standard format. The file structure is usually different than a normal Blu-ray structure or AVCHD produced from PC softwares which is usually TS (Transport stream), hence there is no guarantee that it will work in your SDHC card slot.

Also considering the price of SDHC cards vs DVD dual layer or even BD-R, I would go with optical discs and playback from your Blu-ray player. :wink:

Well that may well be the case
sounds like you know more than me (not that hard in this area)

many thanks