Blu Ray BA (audiophile music only disc) only how to back up copy? play?

Hi All my first topic! (be gentle!) as a avid music lover (not a true audiophile as in getting bogged down technical stuff - if it sounds and feels great that’s all I need, not a tech head! just fumble on- just love listening to music) I have a query ie have Blu Ray audio only disc Rolling Stones Grrr Grrr Grrr, (50 great stones songs) I wanted a back up copy for downstairs so burnt it on a Blu Ray as a straight copy, appears all burnt ok can see some info is there but cannot get any sound when playing either on PC or in different blu ray players…Help!! any one know “how” to do this? Hoping someone is clever than me, or if this is not possible is it possible to convert to ie FLAC? Thank you for any suggestions, advice

I’m not sure exactly what you have. Is there a place online where this disc is for sale that you can point out?

If you can copy the contents to the hard drive and examine them there, that might also be helpful. Open one of the files with MediaInfo and let us see how they are encoded. Mediainfo is free to download and use. It should also be able to examine them on the disc.

Hi Kerry
Thank you for your kind reply. Think you’ll need a good coffee and some patience herewith!!
This item is on Amazon (not where I got it thankfully look at the price!!!)
I downloaded the Medianfo and no idea what I’m doing!!! but this is what I found somehow!! Blu-ray movie: , 3h 7min overall bit rate : 5 b/s
50 video streams : AVC/AVC?AVC/ (ditto) 159 audio streams : PCM/DTS/True HD/PCM/DTS/True HD/PCM (ditto)
first video stream 1920* 1080 (16:9), at 23.976 (23976/1000) FPS, AVC
first audio stream Multiple languages, 96.0 kHz, 2 channels, PCM - (exactly same 2nd audio stream)

When I put the copied disc in my PC it shows
music files on disc (5) AACS folder, BDMV folder…( I opened it shows stream songs & size so they appear to be there) CERTIFICATE folder.
I tried putting disc in MKVBeta it read it then showed BD-R layers: 1, 18.64 GB protection AACS V20
when tried to activate MKVbeta showed
Error-"Scsi-ILLEGAL REQUEST : INVALID FIELD in CDB’ occurred while issuing SCSI command AD010…080002400 to device 'SPTI: \Device\CdRom0’
Does this make any sense to you!? Thankyou for your assistance

Since there is an AACS folder on this Blu-ray, it probably has encryption. This means you’ll need a decryption program to break that before you can copy it correctly.

I’d suggest using MakeMKV first, since it is free to download and use. Normally, MakeMKV will only take the main movie of a Blu-ray and give you an MKV file as output, but that’s not what you want here. Install MakeMKV. If you get a message that says its too old, and you need to register it, use this Beta key, which is the latest one and will work through the end of September: T-CDPEBnWdamx7Qt2sdl60vp0xsRQsH3HBJ6RifOAvJedhinALlaoCJu30fAMQ4iWsx0

Ok, now you have the program started and the disc is in the drive, so click on File, then Backup. This will give you a little pop up window where you have to specify where on the hard drive you want the copy of the Blu-ray to go. Also put a check mark in the box asking if you want to decrypt the files. Click on Ok and it will start to make a complete copy of the Blu-ray in file format.

Assuming you have enough room on the hard drive that is. :slight_smile:

To burn this to a different disc, use ImgBurn, or whichever burning program you prefer that can make Blu-ray format.

I don’t know what MKVBeta is, so I’m hoping its not MakeMKV. If it is, you’ll need a different decryption program.

Maybe the free trial versions of AnyDVD HD, or DVDFab would work instead. Don’t put both of them on the computer at the same time however. They have a little hissy fit when they find their main competition on the same device.

I would have thought AnyDVD HD (trial version) would have handled this task easily.

It would be great to get a FLAC version of the tunes on this disk. I’ll have to figure out how to do that…:sunglasses:

I just found out DVDFab will do this as well as Rip the BluRay to FLAC Files on your Hard Drive:

That may be the easiest way to go.

Hi All
Well after trying lots of different programmes with little & mixed success, lots appeared to be working but after some time came up with error messages, However I have found 2 that do work (DVDFAB blu ray audio extractor and PAVTUBE)
BUT both are very slow and awkward so I have contacted both companies to ask IF there is a easy one process way to do everything
Basically you have to copy the M2TS files as a straight copy (Fab program copies files but when you try to playback can see player counting & moving but no sound) the Pavtube copies as one file & does playback as 1 track (50 tracks in the one file)…so I then converted both the M2TS files to FLAC (doing both conversions take a few hours) both play back (success!!) BUT both just show name 00001 title 00001 etc…but at least they are not in just one file. But ugh I had to manually rename all 50 tracks with title & artists…hence asking companies how or can it be done automatically like when you copy a CD one process auto puts in track tile & artist…so hopefully they can show me a much quicker, easier method as it is a slow cumbersome process…
BUT on playing back oh how SWEET played on my PC sub system nice then on my main set up (ER AUDIO from Australia real pure Electrostatics (none of this hybrid ML stuff!) and the results are so amazing the vocals, piano, tambourines, sax just float in all over the sound stage so clean & clear and the dynamic range is awesome…so it IS worth the effort!! And as the FLAC file is in 192kHz (maximum allowed on program) I was very pleasantly surprised as I normally do audio in a higher resolution…in the belief (right or wrong?) that doing in the highest is best and I know people argue whether this is good/bad/needed but the playback is excellent (ah the joys of audiophile tech stuff vs??..LOL)
It appears to me that getting a audio source from a normal blu ray video disc is not quite the same as extracting from a blu ray HD audio only discs?? and not a lot is generally known about them?
If you get the chance have a listen to a BR HD A on a good set of head phones or hi fi and would be interested in your comments, as it seems some argue we cant hear anything as our ears cant hear the extended dynamic range blah blah…but as a musiklova…all I can say is I can hear a dramatic improvement (just more to enjoy and so clean) and if my ears say it so, its so!!! Tech spec’s don’t really count!! as the be and end all, well at least to me!!
So thanks all for taking the time to help out, I’ll let you know what response I get from the program companies

Thanks. That could be helpful. :wink:

Well haven’t heard from Pavtube yet and the response from DVDFab is baffling to say the least
They sent a screen shot of the choices of format…of course Blu ray HD Audio is not there as a option, in what seems jilted English they no see or know??? Then as to convert to FLAC from blu ray they say this is not possible???
So the files I have got from DVDFab obviously I don’t have!!! No response to the files I have got as 1 file containing 50 tracks I had to manually type in…me thinks it just went over their head??? I don’t think they understand this format???
So see if Pavtube respond I’ll keep searching and hopefully somewhere, someday, somehow will figure it out, if anyone has any thoughts, ideas please share!!

Hi All
well I have no idea after reading the replies from the software companies!!:astonished:
I really don’t think they understood the difference between taking the audio off a normal bluray to a bluray HD audio only disc!!
In essence I was told it is not possible!!???
However I did manage to get a copy of 1 file containing 50 songs which I had to manually name) even though they said I cant…I then converted to FLAC , burnt a copy to use on normal CD player, it works!!! Fantastic quality…I have just hooked up a superb Korg DAC and it is extracting every little nuance from the disc… either that or my imagination works really well!??:flushed:
So IF anyone out there has any idea of what it all means …please enlighten me!!!
As I am none the wiser