Blu-ray Authoring



Hi there, i am new to all this so i hope somebody could ps help me out or point me in the right direction.

I am trying to author a blu-ray dvd so i can burn it. I have managed to rip it to the hardrive using slysoft anydvd however do not know what the next step is.
In the past with dvds i would use either dvd shrink or clone dvd2 to strip out languages and extras then burn with nero preserving menus (CloneDVD2) but i do not know how to do this with bluray files.

I have searched and come accross a program called TSRemux however it does not tell me which audio is what. I am looking for something like DVDClone2 or even dvd shrink so i can then turn this 32GB file into something under 25GB .
Even if i could just strip the movie out ie (like in dvd shrink) and remove extra audio streams that would be great. can anybody pls help ?


there a few programs around for Blu-ray have you tried dvd shrink with the Blu-ray plug-in ?


@ OP, did you check in the Blu-ray forum here?

@ coathi,
What Blu-ray plug-in for Shrink? April fools joke,in August?


what blu-ray plugin for shrink if it does exist pls send me the link where i can download it from iof u were joking about it pls advise me of a program which works similar

thanks in advance