Blu-ray and HD DVD SL and DL Video disc size



Can anyone with a little spare time and some Blu-ray retail movies check the size of those discs in CDspeed both SL and DL.

I am in need of a few for TRT’s, I have a few in mind but of course they are popular titles and cost more :slight_smile:

I have searched are around and can’t really find any places listing the GB size.



To compare with Blu-ray blanks:
BD-R: 22.56 GB
BD-R DL: 46.61 GB

Bridge to Terabithia (Blu-ray) 28.18GB

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within (Blu-ray) 35.22 GB


Pirates of the Caribeean At Worlds End (Blu-ray) 46.61 GB

High School Musical 2 (Blu-ray) 38.13 GB


Planet Earth (Blu-ray)

Disk 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4


Chronos (Blu-ray) 11.74 GB

Chronos (HD DVD) 7.67 GB


Well you were busy :wink:

Pirates of the Caribeean At Worlds End (Blu-ray) 46.61 GB looks like a good one. I need to find a crappy movie that’s full so I can get it cheaper :wink:

Thanks zevia!


I think this thread is a good idea for somekind of database.


If the info is provided, I will start tagging the disc size to the current Blu-ray and HD-DVD movie list.



Planet Earth HD-DVD are more or less the same size as the BD.


Transformers, HD-DVD


The Aviator, HD-DVD


Troy, Director’s Cut (3 hrs), HD-DVD


Nice to see someone defending the dead horse (HD-DVD) also, since everyone is try to blast the HD these down days and boost the blu-ray.


Does anyone have the Blu-ray of Resident Evil: Extinction disc?

Please let me know the size, thanks :slight_smile:



Resident Evil: Extinction

Movie Size - 26.57 GB
Disc Size - 37.35 GB



Thanks platinumsword, I was hoping it would be more though…


Sorry don’t have a detailed scan for ya, After some research this is what I have come up with for ya.

Resident Evil: Extinction
Codec - AVC
Exact Video Bitrate - 25.22
Length - 1:34:05
Movie Size - 26.57 GB
Disc Size - 37.35 GB
Total Bitrate - 40.43
Main Audio Track - Dolby TrueHD 5.1 24-bit

Here is a link for ya.