Blu-Ray and HD-DVD Ripping Tools?

Seeing that link above, I wonder if somebody, in a near future, will be able to create some program which can defeat the protection mechanism about Blu-Ray and HD-DVD technologies.


Does anybody knows any program that can handle such thing nowadays?

Or, if some programmer like Anydvd’s or DVD Region Free’s will be able to create similar softwares, but instead to work with dvd’s, can handle Blu-Ray or HD-DVD discs.

And, at final question, do you know HOW the new protection about Blu-Ray or HD-DVD’s works and their weak / strong points?


hi, if you’re going to refer to other threads or articles, it’s a good idea to link to them. when you say “that link above” no one knows what you’re talking about as the forum is updated by default to show the threads with the most recent posts first (unless you change these options in your settings)

as far as your other questions, i have no idea. i don’t think it’s widespread enough yet for it to really be of concern to the consumer. standalone players are about $1000, writers are about $1000, and blank media are about $25 a piece.

with the price some of the pressed movies have been starting at, it’s actually cheaper to purchase a second backup copy than try to back it up yourself at this point.

once the technology matures and comes down in price it will be more reliable and affordable and I believe that’s when we’ll see an upsurge in tools and guides for these kinds of protections.

then again there will always be the early adopters and tech geeks with their opinions so lets see what people have to say :slight_smile:

i dont know of a software that removes blu-ray or hd protection… maby because there is no special protection at the mo… but you can rip with ashampoo :wink: