Blu Ray and DVD burning tower



HI all have just started duplication service and am having trouble with a 7 x Pioneer BDR-205 which I have built into a tower, I have NEro 9 and am trying to get it to work but it is a bugged piece of software, so I have down graded to Nero ver. 8.02 seems to work fine, but I want the tower to burn 7 disks at the same time, for some reason it does them one at a time, asks me to reinsert disk into same drive every time. Anybody got suggestions as to how best to copy to 7 burners at once BTW can be in DVD or cd formats as well…

Would appreciate any assistance as to best way to get this to work and any free software suggestions would be welcomed as well.


Well, I haven’t used Nero since 6.6, but I had no trouble burning to 4 burners at once under Nero 6. While I don’t recommend you go to Nero 6 due to its age and compatibility problems, maybe the following instructions can help:
Make sure you use Nero and not Express. I would load all the burners with blank discs before starting. If you’re burning something, on the burn screen where you can select your speed, pick a speed then check the checkbox for using multiple burners underneath somewhere. Just leave the number of copies at 1, and click burn and a box for recorder selection should pop up. In that box, highlight ALL of the burners you want to use for this burn session - use your CRTL and click on each of them or use SHIFT to select the first and the last to select all of them, hit OK and voila, it should TRY to use all the burners and burn you 7 copies. At least, that’s how I remembered it working …