Blu Ray copy

When I hit Start in Full Disc Blu-Ray to Blu-RayI get an immediate “Process Completed Successfully!” window. Elapsed time 00:00:01. All boxes are cheked in the Blu-Ray Common settings window.

Hi saline,
Go back into common setting and make sure that under,
DVD/Blu-ray …> read …> that cache Control is checked …> and at the bottom Blu-ray …> File Reading Mode is …> Internal (UDF 2.50 Parser + I/O)
let me know if this helped or not.

I don’t see these options. Am I in the right place? Please see attached.

DVDFAB Common settings.doc (75.5 KB)

Hi saline,
No you are on the wrong settings.
You want DVD / Blu-ray.
[U]go up[/U] the left column till you come to DVD /Blu-ray and left click on [B][I]Read[/I][/B]

Sorry, I’m missing something. Unless it is in the screen once you do a “Blu-Ray to Blu-Ray” window, the windows in the attachment are the only two windows that I can get to. I don’t see a “DVD/BluRay” anywhere. Right clicking on the “Read” in the Common Settings window does nothing, but that is under “DVD” anyway.

I don’t have a BluRay disc, because I gave it to my friend when it didn’t work last week. If it is in that copy window after you select the source and target, I’ll need to get the blu-ray disk back.

DVDFAB Common settings.doc (126 KB)

Hope this helps

Thank you SJ, should have thought to do that myself.

[QUOTE=touchdown_1;2486513]Thank you SJ, should have thought to do that myself.

:wink: Teamwork among friend go’s a long way :bigsmile:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend :flower:

That’s my problem, my Common Settings screen is not as complete as the one you posted. Notice, in my earlier attachment, that first, the left column does not have “DVD/Bluray” listed, just “DVD”. And second, the “Read” frame does not include a “Bluray” section. I’m on version What is your version?

Maybe you need to uninstall it and redownload the newer version which can be d/l at the top of the forum page

[QUOTE=StormJumper;2486519]:wink: Teamwork among friend go’s a long way :bigsmile:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend :flower:[/QUOTE]

Thank you sir I am hoping to. :bigsmile:

@saline I think Jimbo’s right, try uninstalling then reinstall, something might have gotten corrupted in the first install.
let us know how that works for you.

I uninstalled, and reinstalled and I got the screen above with all the sections. I got the disc from my friend and put it in, hit start, and got the same quick “Completed” response in under a second. When I went to open the common settings, the lower section was gone. See Attached.

DVDFAB Common settings.doc (82.5 KB)

Hi saline,
A couple of other things I thought of, have you run any malware soft and anti virus software,
what is the capacity of your HDD and how much free space do you have left.
a couple of other suggestions , I use ccleaner, maalawarebytes and AVG (all free ware) I also use Glary reg defragers and cleaner, so these are some things you might consider running, if you haven’t done this already that is.
also you might want to make sure that your system is current on security updates.