Blowing in drive helps?



Ok, after burning about 35 Fuji DVD’s on a 1693S, (Busy converting multi-CD game collections onto 1 DVD, and backing up important stuff from Fake unbranded TY’s onto REAL Fuji TY’s…DOH!–thanks, guys, for telling us how to ID fake media) I was starting to get PIF’s around 200-250 (total, NOT average! most were at 1-2, still), while my PIE’s close to normal, maybe a bit higher (about 15,000 for a full DVD+R). Previously, I was getting PIE’s around 10k, with PIF’s of about 100-130.

When I finished a orange 10pk spindle of Fuji TY’s and went to a blue one, the scans didnt improve. They seemed to actually get a bit worse

When I had a PIF total of 250 on just a 1.8 GB disk (still a great burn, PIF <=4, but not something we like from TY’s), I decided to blow into the drive (in case there were any foreign particles about) as well as switch to another 10pk spindle of TY’s (Green)

The result (Burning Microsoft flight sim 2004 1.83GB, 4 CD->DVD):
speak for themselves; night and day!

And keep in mind this is only 1.8GB.
I wonder what caused these super great scans…blowing in the drive with my mouth, or the spindle switch…

I think it was blowing in the drive…anyone else? Can even a tiny amount of dust in a drive cause havoc with burns ?


Here’s the same ISO, before I blew in the drive (though it was from the blue spindle 10pk…)


Both scans are excellent. What is the problem?


It was only 1.8GB. and the PIF total was much higher on the first (lower) scan.
I was asking if its normal to blow in the drive and have the burn quality get higher (compare the totals), or if it was switching to a different spindle. (although I had already switched before my burn marathon yesterday, and the first switch didn’t help)

Wasn’t really a problem, though…Just concerned about keeping the drive in good shape, because if blowing did help (dust?), if i didn’t blow, the scans will get worse and worse.

You see what I mean right?