Blotches on burns

I haved burned about 300 DVD’s with my Benq 1620 (retail). Then suddenly, about half way through a 100 pack (which I got through Amazon), I started getting 0 on the disc quality check with cd speed, some major PO Failures. I looked at the disc and there are blotches as shown below. I am not sure what to call these. It looks like there are parts of the disc that just weren’t burned to.

Here’s the first disc this happened on (3 diff views):

Then it happened again on a second disc:

Finally, check this cd speed scan out for this third disc (no blotches seen on disc):

So what do I do? Has anyone seen this before? Is it that I am running into some bad discs? Is the drive going?

By the way, there were about 20-30 spikes above 100 for the first two discs…the last one just has that one big spike.

Oh yeah…as you can tell from the scan, I have Verbatim MC003 (8x)

These work the best on mine…usually 97 to 98 quality. never had a problem before. That last disk was looking almost flawless until that one spike.

I saw this before on some noname media, those disks looked ok before burning but after there were some spots like those you picture it. The PIE levels were not modified but the POE (tested with plextools) were high on those areas; the discs played ok though in dvd player and after 6 months are still in good condition. I guess it is a layer close to the recording one who is not of proper quality that give that modification, the data is not harmt but I think it is better to change the media for future recording.

Today I burned a DVD and afterwards, the dvd burner doesn’t recognize the disc. I have lost about 8 discs now…a few of them only got as far as as a minute into the burn before an error cam up (blotches appeared on those as well)…a few completed the burn successfully but there are blotches (see above)…a few gave me quality around 94 (I had 97-98 on the first 50 discs of this spindle)…and now this disc isn’t being recognized. I did a QScan on the next disc in the spindle. It said that the disc was okay. Should I post the scan?

There has to be some way to determine if its the discs or not. I can’t believe that the first 50 this spindle were fine and now everything is downhill. DVD coasters hit the wallet a little worse than cd coasters. Can anyone help?

Does anyone else agree with corbus that it’s the media. I am just looking for some confirmation. Should i bother contacting verbatim? I shouldn’t lose 40 discs over this.

I had that happen on Verbatim 16X +R’s before. It’s not there B 4 i burned them only after and yes i say it’s the discs.