Blondie´s laptop is kaputt: Suggestions?



Holly…the new cat who replaced Miss Daisy who died a few months ago, apparently spent a warm Summer afternoon sleeping on the keyboard of the lappy while it was on and we were all out at the park watching the New Zealand soccer team destroying Italy on a big screen (actually it was a draw but it felt like a victory!)

What I suspect is, being a Celeron CPU…it basically got too hot. The keys only worked sporadically after that…and eventually not at all. I blew everything out with a can of air…didn´t make any difference. Did a system restore, opened everything…took out bits and put them back…all to no avail.

Next step: to the laptop repair shop. The dude is really a good dude (meaning I trust his abilities)…he said the motherboard is basically rooted, and a new one is nearly the price of a new laptop.

I´d like to know if any of the Freaks here have any suggestions.
a) replace the motherboard and hope it lives a few more years. Is it worth ordering one online and doing it myself? What about a second hand MB?
b) dump it …maybe on ebay to get 50 bucks to help with the costs of a new one laptop?
c) get her a netbook?
d) get a second hand/refurbished lappy with a 12 month guarantee?
e) get a decent new lappy…lower end ASUS for example?

Bear in mind…she usually uses it to watch cat videos on Youtube, check what movie is on where, book holidays at gray German beaches, email me to bring money…etc

It´s (was) an ACER Travelmate 2354LM 15" 1.3GHz Celeron. 512MB RAM. 60GB HDD. About 5 years old.

I appreciate your feedback.


Since she hasn’t used the laptop for many demanding tasks, I’d think she would be a prime candidate for a netbook. Don’t know if she would object to the small size or not.

I wouldn’t try to repair the current one. Its rarely worth it once the motherboard goes. My advice would be to find out her preferences on the size of the keyboard and screen, then get her either a netbook or low end laptop.


I´ve just set up my netbook here for her to use for a while…to see if she can live with its limitations.
She immediately perused a few Youtube clips (as one might have expected :rolleyes: ) and there were no murmerings of discontent. So…it may be a good option.

She thinks she´s gonna keep my netbook for the next 6 months while she decides (as Germans do)…but she´s got another think comin! :cool:


I agree with Kerry on that replacing a laptop motherboard is rarely a good idea.

And it sounds like the netbook might be the best option.
The ASUS from what I have heard may be a good option, I myself is starting to look at them.


One more vote for the Netbook, but try to find one with a 11" screen.


Get her a light notebook, not a netbook due to the performance and hardware acceleration. Asus UL20 is a very nice notebook line that isn’t very expensive.


Since you appear to live in Germany and UL20 seems to be unavailable there UL30 or MSI Wind U200 might be an option.


[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2527936]Since you appear to live in Germany and UL20 seems to be unavailable there[/QUOTE]Or Acer Aspire 1810T/TZ or its successor 1830T. If a glossy display is not an option, then the Acer TravelMate TimelineX 8172 is worth to have a closer look.
IF a 11,6" model is wanted.

It all depends on the personal needs. Perhaps you should also have a look at Dell Vostro 3300, 3400, 3500 series.



Except that Acer is utter shit (quality-wise) and their repair time is even worse.


I would never touch an Acer again actually…hers was always a bit dodgy. Key board seems to be a standard weakness…even our Dragmester used to post with typos everywhere due to using an Acer.

But the idea to go for the slightly bigger netbook seems to be quite a reasonable option. ASUS has to be the front runner there I think. They have been consistently one of the most reliable brands now for the last few years.


I wouldn’t say that everything Asus makes is good even though I have an Asus laptop myself. It’s going to be a long while before I touch an Asus motherboard again apart from Intel Q-chipset ones.
Some laptop models are just as bad…