Blocky picture when using Vidomi

I’ve only just start to use Vidomi and i’ve managed to encode .VOB files into .avi. The quality wasn’t bad but the picture was very blocky, they are like squares that are a different colour to the rest of the picture. Can anyone suggest a setting that i could try to remove them???

Here are some of the main settings that i used;
Divx networks Two pass
YV12 Colour

If you need any more information just ask.

What size wahs the original DVD in mb and h:m:s and what size AVI file are you making?

To get blocking, the bitrate is obviously to low.

The size of the VOB files are 3.5GB. The film is Final Destination 2 and was about 1hr 25mins long, but thats the time not including the credits.

I wanted to film to fit onto a single CD, so i set out put size option to fit on to 1 media disk. The file only turned out to be 550mb. Was this because I set the pixels to 720x540???

How do you change the bitrate???

Use CLONEDVD VIA ANYDVD copy is nearly as good as the original 99.5% good.

What a great program :bow:

Steveredrum, we are talking about making AVI’s not DVDR’s.

lumpygreenmilk, your problem lies with the small 550meg file it generated, thats caused the low bitrate and poor playback quality. I would suggest you dont change the pic size or just select 90% of Width in the Video Options section.

Another point of view that I may offer is that Vidomi is not as good as some other programs. (In my experience and not to sure why)

I used Vidomi to encode file and it turned out with very poor quality. In fact it was unwatchable. This was even with a high bitrate used.

I used exactly the same settings in DVDx 2.2 and the results were far superior.

If you still want to use Vidomi then to change your bitrate you need to go to Options\ Video Options\ and then use the box in the bottom left hand corner. Video Codec Settings. use this to select either one pass or two pass and then hit the first pass button. Select your codec and then hit configure. That will take you into the codec settings where you can select your bitrate.

If you are doing two pass encoding do the same with the two pass button.

Thanks for the info.

What bitrate do u recommend that is the best quality that will fit onto a CD.


You use two pass to get a specified size (700MB). I would look at something like GordianKnot, but its always best to actually learn the process if you plan on using it to its full potential. DivX is actually not very difficult (Demux>DVD2AVI>Avisynth>VdubMod), its the tweaks/filters that you apply that become the main issue.


Basically the bitrate is dependant on a number of things.

  1. The size of movie you want to make. Remember that you can split a movie onto two or more CD if you want to.
  2. Audio bitrate used. This will take away space that your movie could use.
  3. Length of your movie that you are trying to encode.

The best way to find out what bitrate to use is to use a DivX (I take it you are using DivX) calculator. by using this you can enter all of the componets and then it will ouptut the approximate bitrate to use to meet all of your requirements.

Using my calculator
85 mins, audio bitrate 192, total size 690mb give a bitrate of 915
85 mins, audio bitrate 192, total size 1380mb give a bitrate of 2016

Hope this helps

I’ve just finished encoding another film and i used the wizard to set the bitrate. The file was larger than the last one but it had the same problem of the squares.
I used the home theatre option on the wizard which hopefully set the bitrate for me.
Previously to encode DVD’d I’ve used Dr.Divx trail version. This was very simple to use and gave me very good results. You dont get so many options but I have got better quality and picture with it. The reason that i’m looking for alternatives because of the price, is there any other freeware .avi encoders that i could try??

I will still use Vidomi if i can get rid of those evil squares, but i’ll hav to find the right setting.
Can anyone suggest another guide maybe??
Thanks for your help!!!

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You can try out all of the differenet enoders without having to buy them first. In fact the only one you would have to buy to keep on using it that I know of is Dr Divx.

You could try,
Gordian Knot

Just though of something about Vidomi. Have you patched your version? The patch is located in the Downloads section on the Vidomi website. It’s can be a little hard to find.

I think i might try one of the other programs, but i’ll also try to patch vidomi.
i think i’ve downloaded it, is it a file called lame_enc. if it is how do u install it, because it just contains .dll

Lame_enc is an mp3 codec. Probably the best one around. This is used to compress your audio.

The file you are looking for is called,
vidomi_update_patch20030628 and is 1.21mb large.

It can be found here.

thanks for that couldn’t find it. lol

I’ve been lookin at Gordian Knot. i have actually worked out what it does??does it encode .avi’s into another compression or does it encode vob’s into .avi’s

Is there nay good guides that i can follow on it that aren’t on doom9 website cause i’ve tried one and it does explain everything that you have to do.

Gordian Knot does other formats to avi’s. However using a seperate program called DVD2AVI you can create a “fake” avi which Gordian Knot then encodes into a “real” avi file.

PM sent.

So do you any good guides that explain how ot use DVD2avi and Gordian Knot???