Blocky burns

i have a 56’ phillips HDTV bigscreen and a phillips progessive scan dvd player
Now when i burn a DvD and play them on my 56" weather its thru the componet cables or just thur the RCAs the picture its blocky like a bad digtal signal … I use DvD cloner 2 to burn and memorex dvd +R disks… If i watch on a tube tv then the picture is just like the normal disc…Any ideas on how to fix this ?

youll get this when the original has been shrunk down from a dvd-9 to dvd-5, youll need to burn to dl discs to prevent this happening or burn to 2 sl discs with no shrinking.

ok i understand :slight_smile: ty

What is the exact version of your Philips standalone with progressive scan?

when i get home ill check but i know i take my burnt copy to my buddies to watch he has a cheap panisonic which plays it fine on his 27’’ TV havnt tried mine on a tube but ill give ya the model soon as i get home…

you`ll get this when the original has been shrunk down from a dvd-9 to dvd-5,

i have read that some people say that their burns look almost as good on HDTV big screen as the original with hardly any noticeable quality loss even with movies requiring large compression

personally i don’t know because i don’t have an HDTV big screen, just speaking from other peoples’ experiences


Have a bigscreen HDTV - but alos have a non progressive scan JVC standalone - the picture is very good with the compressed DVD copies - using good medias-

Would suggest that you invest in some good Ritek or Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim or Maxell DVD media and try it (if you are in USA - Office Depot has Maxell 25 piece cakeboxes for $9.95 on sale this week)- - Memorex is not well noted for having good media in most cases-