Blocking Sites




I am hoping to block some gambling sites and have no idea how to do this. Also, can you download free applications to do this? Thanking you in advance


I’m not sure what is meant by “block”.
If you simply want to prevent access to those sites you could add them to the “Restricted Zone” if you use Internet Explorer.

Another alternative on a system level is to add the URLs to your HOSTS file with the IP address. Since the address will not be able to be resolved access to that site is not possible.


The machine on which these entries were added to the HOSTS file will not be able to access the sites listed.


Yes I want to prevent access to those sites…so how do I do this through internet eplorer? I am a real newbie!!!

Thanks so much!



The link provided by Mr. Belvedere should have all the information you need.

Using the Restricted Zone in Internet Explorer would only prevent the Internet Explorer browser from accessing the sites added. Other browsers would still be able to access those sites.

1.On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
2.On the Security tab, click Restricted sites.
3.Click the Sites button.
4.In the Add this Web site to the zone box, type the URL you want to block.
5.Click Add, and repeat it for all sites to be blocked.
6.Click OK.

Be sure to empty all file in the Temporary Internet Files so nothing is loaded from cache.

To block the web sites on a global or system wide basis the HOSTS file must be used.
Simply do a search for HOSTS file on your system.
Open the HOSTS file with Notepad and edit it by adding the sites you want to block.
Add the web site URL preceded by as indicated below.
Close the HOST file and save the changes when prompted.

Example of HOST file entries:

DO NOT USE THE _ IN FRONT OF THE URL. THIS IS ONLY USED HERE TO PREVENT ACTIVE LINKING. #[Adware.ActiveSearch] #[Parasite.ActualNames][Spyware.ActualNames] #[IE-SpyAd] #[W32/Malware] #[IE-SpyAd] #[IE-SpyAd]