Blocking filesharing through router?

I have a NETGEAR router WGR614 and whilst I have no problems with my family using the internet I don’t want them illegally sharing files.

Is there anyway of blocking the likes of kazaa through the router but still allowing internet access?

I can see how to block sites but that won’t help with file sharing will it?

Thanks in advance…

Blocking ports on your router is one method but not totally effective. A better option might be to use something like OpenDns,, the basic free package should suffice. The effectiveness of any content blocking procedure is also dependent on your children’s ages and computer savvy (and that of their friends). Any restriction can be circumvented eventually. Another thing, make sure you don’t have any file sharing programs already installed on your computer. :slight_smile:

Don’t know that model, but many routers have an option to restrict clients by ethernet hardware (mac) address, and often have options to allow http (port 80) mail (pop/smtp) and not a lot else. Now some forms of P2P may be able to work in a very limited manner behind a restrictive firewall, but not many.

Thanks folks.

In the end I blocked the ports and it was enough for daughter to give it up as a bad job and un-install said program (actually limewire).