hi im trying to copy a blockbuster dvd…i always copy and shrink with dvdshrink but the lastest films are always protected… i made an image with dvddecrypter but when i mount that image to deamon tools dvdshrink still doesnt shrink!!..i need to make that image a 4.7 dvd…what can i do? is image also protected?

Just to be clear, we are talking about a used dvd that you have purchased from Blockbuster, yes? I buy them from Blockbuster and Hastings quite often.

Otherwise, we can’t help you. Talking about copying rented dvds is against the rules of the forum.

I’ll wait on answering till a mod looks in, but you can find your answer by reading threads here on the Copy DVD forum. It is a common topic.

Posted by wantadvd

hi im trying to copy a blockbuster dvd…

This is against forum rules if the DVD is rented. If you do not respond as to the status of the DVD this thread will be closed.:cop:

I have this exact problem and I found your thread through Google, I bought some newer movies from Block Buster and I am unable to make backup copies. Among them are the titles The Dark Knight and Dead Snow which I specifically have a problem duplicating.

With both I get similar errors. The Dark Knight I get read errors and with Dead Snow the disc is not even recognized by the program as being in the drive. Both discs play perfectly in the DVD player. (ok, not 100% accurate, the Dark Knight has 1 minor glitch at about 30 min in. but that’s what happens when you buy used media and I can live with it.)