I was just wondering how blockbuster stop fradulent use of their unlimited DVD Service. Is it by your email address, your credit card information or your house address? Thanks.


Credit Card and house address.


House address…Really? What if you live i a flat or something, and you move out and someones moves in. Or if you just move house???


Can’t really answer those questions, but I do know that my girlfriend, who I live with, tried to get the free trial from Blockbuster and they turned her down because I had already used the trial from the same address. FYI, she even used a different credit card.


Ok…Thanks for the help.


Your CC number is directly linked to teh registered address for that card. PLUS, if you get caught using a CC illegally, then it is a HEAVY penalty !!!


Lol, I’m not using credit cards illegally.


Never said you were, but do wonder why you asked :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he meant how they stop you abusing their free trial, i.e. cancelling paid membership then starting a new trial using a different credit card, new details or whatever.


Oh how I love those “automatic enrollments” AFTER your free trial ends. Idiotic companies like these that play on the “laziness or forgetfullness” of people to get your money.

Similar to those “Columbia House” programs years ago that if you didn’t send in your “postcard” stating the you DID NOT WANT the featured selection that month, you ended up getting it and paying a “arm and a leg” for it.

A TRUE trial period would be one that you sign up for and after the trial period is done, that is it.

I will never do business with a company that does this crap.



Ah so this must be the reason i can’t get a free trial with Sainsburys DVD rental using the same card and address i used for the blockbusters one?