Blockbuster unveils store return and pickup of online rentals

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  Blockbuster has been quietly piloting a program in Colorado  Springs, allowing online rental members to return mailed discs to stores, thus eliminating the wait for  a next batch of...
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Very cool !!! :B

Hey brudda…i wondered if you would see this! :X

cool for the HD and Blue ray, but yu still need a player. i prefer the dvd ATM at 1dollar a day.

[I]i prefer the dvd ATM at 1dollar a day.[/I] That McDonald’s kiosk? I just read that they own the company that has the Kiosks, which caught me by surprise.

BB seriously needed to do this, as their warehouse distribution was way too slow and had not improved despite their advertising of ‘more centers’ opened since the first time I joined (over 1 year between rejoining, only after they claimed they had more distribution centers). This will help them gain ground on Netflix, which is too concerned about ‘throttling back’ frequent users on their 3-out at a time from ‘unlimited’ to around 12-14/mo. (when one could get 22-24 when one first signs up). It’s the fact Netflix refuses to let someone do the equivalent (what I suggested to them long ago) of letting people see the stock available at the closest warehouse center to them and therefore order their picks accordingly so they got the releases they wanted a.s.a.p. But Netflix is obviously too into obfuscation and wants control so badly it will not invest in doing this. Instead, they waste their time on meaningless contests ($1 million for someone to create for them a better ‘selected movies’ for users who rate their returns–something that can’t be improved upon by statisticians that told Netflix this) and otherwise getting free publicity by uninformed statements by Hastings (the CEO) which only makes Netflix seem equally out of touch with the consumer and reality, not unlike how out-of-touch the MPAA/RIAA with using DRM that increases piracy anyway. The big advantage to BB’s program will be having the tons of new releases available to choose from. However, it will not be as much of an advantage since BB stocks up on new releases, but limits its space for things like Foreign language rentals, and has limited copies of those. So, the amount of ‘advantage’ will depend on each user’s movie tastes. However, even those liking some new releases but not all will also be at a disadvantage, since many express reluctance over Hollywood releases these days. Either way, this is a major step in the right direction for BB and will seriously help them in their distribution program–IF they stick to it and expand it to all stores. If they chicken out because they’re not seeing a super, huge profit margin, then that will hurt them greatly. If BB aspires to be the Grizzly among the bears, it had better make sure it commits and sticks to it.

All the Blockbuster stores are closed in my area. Have been over a year. Not sure why.