Blockbuster Total Access to include video game rentals

I just posted the article Blockbuster Total Access to include video game rentals.

Blockbuster Total Access subscribers will soon have the ability to rent video games alongside DVDs, the company recently announced.
Total Access allows subscribers to rent movies online and then…

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Good move IMO. Netflix is still focusing on streaming content and doesn’t have an interest in renting games, so Blockbuster will try to fill the void.

I’ll be curious if people will be willing to switch from Netflix to Blockbuster now that one company is renting video games while the other doesn’t.

Maybe after this, Netflix and Gamefly will team up

Blockbuster Total Access subscribers already receive one free “ecoupon” each month which is good for a free game rental. That’s enough for me! Although I do agree that promoting “Movies + Games” all-you-can-eat would be a good move for BB.

So, are the video game rentals unlimited? What is the extra $5 for if you only get a 50% discount? Does that mean only if you return the games in the store for a new game, you can pay $2 opposed to $4 to walk out of the store with a new game? Well that’s not very fun, if it is in fact the case.

After reading about Pioneer, and the layoffs across Microsoft (ETC!) I would think companies would want to simply offer a one-price all inclusive rental package. If they offer different tiers of packages, why not simply offer a $30 package that allows you a membership to walk in and pick out any 3 movies or games at a time, and walk out and return them to repeat the same process? Sure they would have to create some sort of 24 hour rule to avoid obvious copyright infringement or DVD duplication, but wouldn’t it make more sense to sell “Membership” bases packages where Blockbuster becomes your rental headquarters?

$30 or more dollars a month for media rentals is fair, it’s more than basic cable and a lot of other things. If Blockbuster can squeeze $30 out of customers every month in this economy, they should count their lucky sheep. With the addition of game AND movie rentals, theur profits are already going to stabilize/increase.