Blockbuster to sell netbooks

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A partnership between Blockbuster and Archos will see the rental giant selling netbooks at some of its stores.<br />
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Blockbuster will sell the Archos 10 in 1,000 of its brick-and-mortar store…

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Wow; blockbuster really didn’t think this one through thoroughly. Or they have some great underlying plan that has yet to be seen…either way I’m still not becoming a blockbuster patron.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to rent or sell Blu-ray players? They need to make use of their brick and mortar, so what better way to entice another customer to try BR, than with a player just setting there to use with their BR offerings? I mean, they used to rent Betamax and VHS players back in the day…surely somone would cut them a deal on a bulk order of players.

This is a service that the mail order businesses like Netflix and also the Redbox units cannot provide.

I don’t think BB is gonna make it…

They do sell (and rent I think) Sony BR players at my blockbuster and this is in Canada so if they’re selling them here I bet they sell them at most BBs

BB’s problem is they are a rip off ! 7 bucks to rent a blu ray ? Screw that ! My local “mom & pop” video store rents them much less…

Blockbuster should at least have a dvd player in the netbook.

Maybe they realise their business model (physical media rental) is eventually going to die and are diversifying. Last time I was at my local Blockbuster (a few years ago), they had blank DVDs for sale. Pretty damned convenient for the shameless rent-n-ripper. I, of course, had shame and didn’t buy my blanks there.

They know people pirate. At least by selling the tools commonly used by pirates, they make some money rather than no money from a particular customer.

Alternatively, this could be a clue that they plan to offer movie rentals on Secure Digital cards. Although I think online rentals is more likely.

Maybe they could sell power tools, too. I mean, as long as they are selling things that do not bring in any rental business…