Blockbuster to focus on Blu-Ray

I saw this on the website:


I’ve already seen this policy being implemented in the UK myself in my local Blockbuster store. They have started to stock Blu-Ray titles for rental or purchase but no HD-DVDs in sight at all.

Interesting stuff.

I reckon sony gives them backhanders, im mean blockbusters seem to love sony. 1. They hire out twice as meny PS2 games than any other console and keep lots of older games for hire on the PS2 but not much for anything else 2. They never hired out handheld console games, if i recall it was something to do with people might switch a dud cart for a good one or something like that yet when the PSP comes out low and behold they start renting PSP games.

You may also have noticed that Blu-Ray titles was out before the PS3 came out yet they did’nt start renting Blu-Ray titles till after the PS3 come out.

That would really suck :Z

my local BB’s carried gameboy color and advance titles, I’m not sure about DS though, I haven’t really paid attention to the games at BB lately, they’re too damn expensive to be worth renting now.

I actually think its great that they decided to be blue ray exclusive, maybe the format war will be over soon, and perhaps the technically superior format will win for a change :cool:

All the blockbusters here in the uk i have ever looked in have never had handheld games except for PSP. What they rent in the usa must very to what they rent here.

You’ve got a point there.

I don’t agree with the point you made about the PS2 games though. :disagree: You must remember that the PS2 is the most popular games console at the moment (despite the release of the Xbox 360 and the PS3) and has been for a long time. So it makes sense to bring out as many titles as possible for the PS2 for rental.

Blockbuster are just like any other company - they wanna make money but they’re not gonna offer specific titles or games for rental that no one wants.

Again, the PSP is more popular than the Nintendo DS. From the noises that I’ve been hearing, the PSP is now becoming a real competitor to the iPod. And that’s really saying something. :eek:

I truly believe that Blockbuster have been doing their homework on this.


I tend to rent a lot of DVD movie titles from my local Blockbuster store as well as games and I do plan on getting a PS3 in a couple of years time so Blockbuster’s decision to stock Blu-Ray titles over HD-DVD titles would be more than welcomed by someone like me. :iagree:

Not to try and start a argument but last i heard the DS out sells the PSP. But anyway even before the PSP you had the GBA and GBA SP which were both popular but they never once rented games out for them.

A wouldn’t agree with the PSP being a competitor for the Ipod, ive heard the sound quality on both and the Ipod sounds alot better.

Alot of this popularity that you hear about especially on the net on the PS2 and PSP is hyped up by fan boys.

I personally think they should rent HD-DVD’s aswell, i mean what about all the people that have bought the 360 HD-DVD Drive, Blockbuster should really cater for everyone, i mean you dont see HMV etc… excluding something because it may not sell quite aswell as something else.

yeah i think this will hurt their business.

Most all rental stores in the USA rent both. At least where i live.

If you read this article the DS outsells the PSP by 3 to 1.:iagree:

DS ftw! I own one lol

Hi :slight_smile:
Change branches.
I’m in the UK & my local BB has them all. :iagree: :bigsmile:
Not that I use any. I’m still at the Best of MS Arcade on floppies stage when it comes to gaming. :doh:

The DS might be outselling it at the moment, that’s probably true.

But according to the BBC, PSP sales are growing steadily at the moment. And they reckon the sales growth has come about because of the PSP’s multimedia features.

When I come to think of it, I think I do remember seeing some DS games available in my local Blockbuster. Not that many though.

They also don’t seem to have any Wii games for rental yet either. 360 games are there for rental though but they’re expensive, as you’d expect.

Hey Zebs have you tried Pac Man yet? LOL:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Shhh. Don’t give him any ideas… one day he may discover mid-80s vintage Tetris. Do you know how dangerous that can be?

I quote: “We are writing to warn the MIT community of a deadly new addiction being seen on campus. This is none other than compulsive “Tetris” playing. This computer game may seem innocent at first, but it quickly develops into a mind-numbing habit. Players neglect their social lives, their school work, and their families in a never-ending quest to improve their “Tetris” skills. This insidious electronic villain has invaded personal computers, workstations, and even the Student Center Committee Gameroom. Only by quitting cold turkey can a “Tetris” player resume his/her normal lifestyle. Just say NO to “Tetris”.”

people arent renting hddvds or did sony pay blockbuster to only rent out blu-ray?

they had 250 test stores that carried both hddvd and bluray and over 70% rented bluray vs hd-dvd, those 250 stores will continue to carry both, and they will also carry both online

the manager of my local blockbuster told me they would not be stocking HD DVD for a while as they struck a deal with sony and the ps3 but it may change in the future , but to be honest they are over priced anyways, the internet is the best bet from as little as 13 quid

Like I know how much 13 quid is? LOL. Hi Simple:iagree:

LOL… ABOUT $25.98 :bigsmile: :wink: