Blockbuster to compete Netflix in online DVD rental business

I just posted the article Blockbuster to compete Netflix in online DVD rental business.

The online movie renting business is booming. More and more people learn about the ease of it. All you have to do is open an account at an online movie renting company and for a fixed fee…

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This is very old news. Blockbuster Online is OK, but I get better service at Netflix. Check out fatwallet forums for the url, along with a promo code for a good deal.

Would you pay 21.95 a month, or 19.95 a month? Above that, would you want 2 weeks free, or 4 weeks free with blockbuster? In addition, bb lets you rent video games too.

But what’s Blockbuster’s (online) selection like? I use Netflix because they have many titles I can’t find at any of the local rental places (Blockbuster included). (edit) Nope, just checked Searched for Star Trek. Found the movies, several volumes of TOS, and season 1 of Voyager (still more than the local stores have). Netflix has all of TOS, DS9, TNG, and the first 3 seasons of Voyager. So far, I see no point in renting from Anybody know of any titles that Blockbuster has but Netflix does not
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Blockbuster is also notoriously hostile to carrying widescreen versions of movies. Too many soccer moms calling about the ‘black bars’ on their TV. Quite a few of their offerings are pan & scam. The widescreen versions of the same movies are carried in such low quantities that there’s a 2-4 week wait online.

I used both Netflix and Wal-Mart and needless to say, Wal-Mart was not only very slow at sending the next title in your rental queue but every other title had a “very long wait” for it! I will give Blockbuster a trial run and see how it compares to Netflix.

Link to Fatwallet Online Special! If you sign up with the promotional code COOPER you get a month free and then it is 18 per month. Regular price is 20. Looks like they also give two free in-store rentals per month with the subscription.
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3 words: Blockbuster Movie Pass With this you can rent out 2 at a time for 24.99 unlimited and 3 for 29.99. You can go back as many times as you like during business hours. And whats better is that you don’t have to wait on them to ship out your movies :slight_smile:

Yea thats great if you live a block away from them… Im not driving 3 miles to the closest Blockbuster near me a couple of times a day…

cd11 wrote: In addition, bb lets you rent video games too. -------------------------------------------------- Not online they don’t.

I might have to give BB a try. I had a special deal with NetFlix, $15/month for six months, but it runs out this month, so I’ll have to pay $22 now. I got the $15/month deal when I tried to cancel on them. does not have as good of a selection as Netflix at this point in time. They do have a much, much wider selection than their B&M operations. My local B&M has a really poor selection, so their Movie Pass does me absolutely no good. For the time being, I’m using both Netflix and BB, but will probably drop BB when I’ve rented the very few titles that they have that Netflix does not. I like their lower price, but definately not their selection of hard to find titles.

Has anyone tried gameznflix? they will rent movies and games too. But is there service good?