Blockbuster to close even more stores this year



Blockbuster to close even more stores this year.

[newsimage][/newsimage]At least five Blockbuster locations in New Jersey will be closed by the end of January, potentially leaving dozens of employees out of work.

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And this with them being partner with DirectTV… lmao… I could’ve told them the writing on the wall already. They need to reduce greed and abusive fee and abusing their customer that would go a long way to bring them back. But unfortunately the horse has left the barn and that is called Netflix. Netflix is now leader and BB is being left in their dust… or Eating Netflix dust… lol… they were already dead long before… but couldn’t or wouldn’t see that it was coming…


Blockbuster still has stores?!?! LOL


That’s very sad. Blockbuster used to be a good renting dvd
store. Higher prices for rentals,NETFLICKS,and others did
them in. Hopefully their service with dishnetwork will


I could have saved them years ago. Their prices were too high and their stores were too big. When a new movie comes out they would have all of their 100 copies up on a wall.

Blockbuster used “Wow! What a Difference!”, “Make It a Blockbuster Night”, “Bringing Entertainment Home”, “Go Home Happy”, “Let The Good Times Roll”, and “The New Blockbuster” as their past slogans.

Possible future slogans include “Wow! We’re fcked!", “Make It an Expensive Night”, “Bringing Unemployment Home”, “Go Home Broke”, “Let The Bad Times Roll”, and "Same Sht, Different Blockbuster”.


Link to the list?