Blockbuster to close 182 more retail stores

Blockbuster to close 182 more retail stores.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Struggling movie business Blockbuster plans to close 72 stores by the end of 2010 and up to 110 stores in early 2011, as the company tries to work out of bankruptcy.  Blockbuster filed bankruptcy</a> in late September, with mounting debts and continued struggle competing against video-on-demand and rental kiosks.

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Blockbuster has the same problem that Best Buy has–they ask full MSRP on their Blu-Ray movies. I mean, why would anybody pay $39.99 at Blockbuster (or Best Buy for that matter) when you can get the same movie for $19.99 of $24.99 on Amazon?

And trying to sell off previously-watched DVD movies for $14.99 in this day and age?

And trying to sell off previously-watched DVD movies for $14.99 in this day and age?[/QUOTE]
I see recent releases being sold ( new) for less than that in Oz.
New releases are only $20 for DVD, and come pristine, with special features bonus discs & etc.

BB’s $15 price tag for old & probably scratched/damaged/basic version DVD’s is just a tad too high. The $1 bargain bin would be more appropriate :wink:
Aw hell, for what it’s worth, give it as a free gift to the last hiring customer, or as a merry xmas gift to their favourite customers :iagree:

I can’t believe they’re still around at all. I guess someone thinks the name still has “brand” value. My bankruptcy filing bet paid off, now I’m gonna bet that all US Blockbuster retail stores close by the end of 2011.

Heard rumors they are being bought buy RedBox…wow…anyone know if this is true???

“Each store closed was a strategic move” Strategic? Here’s a strategic tip, close ALL of your stores.

The next time someone undersells you between 400-500%, DO something about it, DON’T blame ‘the economy’. If I have a choice of renting a movie for $5 with the possibility of an additional late fee being added on, or a mere $8 a month to rent one DVD at a time for a month, no late fee possible…I’m going with the $8. Whether my income is $12,000 a year or $200,000!

MAYBE I’ll run down and rent a movie that I simply must watch right now (rather than wait for it in the mail) once or twice a month at the most!

Oh, and factoring in late fees as a regular business revenue, not so brilliant. People DO get tired of paying extra for something, regardless whether it’s their own fault or not. Many times I think it was the latter.

blockbuster is greedy that is why they are going under.