Blockbuster says Netflix suit is without merit

I just posted the article Blockbuster says Netflix suit is without merit.

Blockbuster shot back at Netflix today and says they will
fight the suit vigorously. They have declared in a securities filing in Federal
Court in California, that they feel the suit is …

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Actually, this is an invitation to Blockbuster, and others, to do away with the “x discs out at once” model and start a more honest approach. It’s time for these folks to get honest and simply say: you get x discs per month for $x. Enough of this throttling and “unlimited” BS that’s a lie in the first place.

“Enough of this throttling and “unlimited” BS that’s a lie in the first place.” Did your Broadband provider lie to you too. :slight_smile:

Gee, what did everyone BB’s response to be? I’m getting pretty fed up with NetFlix too. “A pox on both their houses”, I say.:r

netflix wants to file the lawsuit with more than just one patent infringement, and sued BB only hours after receiving the patent, not months, not years. Also, braodband providers lies too. I wonder if we can get a few dollars back whenever their service is not running. Also, I hate my ISP where it slows down my download to literally modem speed every week or two. Upload speed is not affected and there is no problem with their service either (from their system status logs).

These patents are so trivial a third grader could come up with them. I hope a lot of big companies get burned, and then we’ll finally see some patent reform come around. I mean, seriously. Prioritizing movies in a queue, and sending the customer the one they want first. sarcasm on WOW! That’s profound! sarcasm off Business method/software patents need to be done away with. I can understand engineering or drug patents. Those require big $$$ and are something that people will not come up with every day. (Figuring out chemicals in the body is a LOT harder to do than making a queue.)

This is just as hilarious, as MPAA suing torrent tracker sites and not google, because they know google can afford the best litigation lawyers in the world who could devour them as a snack, without breaking for lunch! Oh well, just fun and games, this is just what you get ,when business interest’s bribe elected government officials to create self protection laws with infinite extensions!:X

i really hope netflix loose the lawsuit otherwise the cost of renting dvd will be a lot more for a lot less service

It wasn’t that long ago where a customer sued Netflix for “aapropriating” its movie queue. If you rented 3 movies and returned them promptly after watching them, they would purposely delay in sending more to you. BB doesn’t do this–I know because I’ve been both a Netflix and BB customer. Now Netflix is trying to sue its primary (and only real) competition. I honestly believe the lawsuit holds no merit and will be thankful when BB wins. Last thing we need is another monopoly–this time in a movie rental service. I certainly like the way BB treated me as a customer more so than Netflix. I only left because I can’t afford the rental service at this time. If I was to return I would certainly go with BB. And no, I don’t own stock in either company, nor do I ever intend to.

If you plan to run a business, be aware because all decisions you make can infrige someone’s patent. I may be quite stupid to say it, because it could make me as rich as mr. Gates, but do you think if I register the patent of “shop” (a place where you stock something that you offer to the public for sale, exhibiting such things on shelves or through a window - pay attention not to say “windows” - having staff to attend the public, giving explanations, receiving the money, packing and giving the goods to the buyer):d:d. Don’t explain the procedures to service the costumers, because it can be Netflix’s patent! And that’s it!!!:stuck_out_tongue: After the patent is accepted you have a worldwide crwod os “costumers” to ask money from, and get rich.:B This patents story is becoming more than ridiculous!!!