Blockbuster quits plans to enter Chinese market, too much piracy

I just posted the article Blockbuster quits plans to enter Chinese market, too much piracy.

BBC News reports us that video rental giant
Blockbuster has quit its plans to enter the Chinese market because of piracy.
Asian piracy rates are high and as a result people don’t often rent a…

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One word. “Duh” :stuck_out_tongue: Doesn’t take a corporation to realize this.

Another reason Blockbuster is the worst video rental store.

Since the New Year there’s been a shift on the UK Blockbuster site away from any emphasis on the stores, and onto selling discs (albeit at rather inflated prices, and they want to charge you carriage!). Rental information seems to be limited to Online rental…i.e. there’s an Online Rental chart, but no in shop rental chart. Rather interesting really…could the closures in Hong Kong be the very thin end of the wedge to closing all their stores woldwide? Lets face it with online rental and the potential for Video on demand…we’re slowly entering a new market. As for piracy, well I’m sure it happens with discs from BB, but usually the discs are scratched to pieces and thereby not readable to copy.