Blockbuster promises unlimited DVD rental for Canada



Blockbuster promises unlimited DVD rental for Canada.

[newsimage][/newsimage]About one week after Netflix announced it will launch in Canada sometime this fall, Blockbuster fired back by announcing an unlimited DVD rental service for $9.99 per month. 05a303a0afd44d30aaaa975d7e751b1c

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I think they need to fix the US dvd rental model first before thinking they can take on Netflix in Canada. When they failed miserably in the US dvd rental market already. They must think Canada are more fools to go for the bait and switch late fees and charges…???


no blurays and no new releases? thats pretty weak.

at least netflix offers HD and what not.

Blockbuster is getting so outdated.

in the US they have those redbox rental vending machines for a buck a movie. How do they compete with that. Redbox doesn’t need the overhead of a business space, or alot of staff.

Blockbuster is going to vanish in the not so distance future.


Blockbuster already closed doors over here (Portugal).