Blockbuster plans to survive

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Though Blockbuster may be teetering on the brink of collapse, the rental giant is trying a thing or two to get back in business.

Blockbuster has found success recently with its 30 "Rock the…

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BB has a major drain with all of their brick and mortar stores. So, to want to go to these mini-versions is ludacris. I’ve already heard that a few stores in my city may be getting the axe, but won’t know until it happens. Expanding to get mo0re of the almighty dollar may have been the way some time ago, but now-a-days, it’d be more prudent to work with what you have and improve upon that.

I said as soon as Redbox and the like started appearing that Blockbuster needed to start placing their own kiosks or they were going to be hurting. They could have even had success placing a few kiosks outside their own stores for popular titles. But they would have had to be priced competitively. Last movie I rented there (a month or two ago) cost about $4.50 with tax and I only went there because the Redbox and DVDPlay kiosks I checked didn’t have the title I wanted. A B&M store can be an advantage, but it has to have a HUGE inventory at this point. They should have a customer accessible (online even) inventory system that could tell you if they carry a given title, whether it’s in stock or rented out currently, and even where in the store to find it. At this point, if the local Blockbuster closes, there’s not many places other than kiosks to rent. There’s Hollywood Video and another big store place that I can’t think of the name of, but it’s the only one I’ve seen.

Netflix is the best solution for many people, including myself

As always, BB raises the “too little too late” management style to an art form.

I’ll agree with my brethrens on most of their points.
Selection is poor and expensive. Maybe with more money BB could get better blockbusters :eek: but how since I aimed my consumption to other channels already? Because as, you know, every client is important to them, like family. Could the arm be pulling the rest in the crushing gear? Will the strategic rechanneling of precious shareholder’s hard earned monetary resources currently vampirized by low income employees to the profit of Artificial Unintelligent Opinion less Robots save this socially implicated corporate not so giant anymore from the worst? Stay tuned… well, whatever.

I haven’t been to a Blockbuster in over 2 years now since I found out about Redbox. They are just too overpriced and I don’t see them pulling out of this without having to close their brick and mortar stores.