Blockbuster offers online rentals for $15.99 for 6 months

I just posted the article Blockbuster offers online rentals for $15.99 for 6 months.

to a reporter at The Motley Fool, if you try to cancel your
service with Blockbuster during your initial two-week trial period, it sets the
webpage into a bit of a…

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:B Thanks for the heads up. Six months on the cheap.

I did a 2-week trial and cancelled because none of the movies in my queue were available. Not one out of 12 was available. Doesn’t matter how cheap they are if they don’t ship anything!

That is strange rdgrimes, I’ve been using it for about a month and it has worked great so far. (and I am in the same region of the country as you!).

I’ve been using both Netflix (over 1 year) and Blockbuster (since it was first introduced). Blockbuster does show a considerably higher percentage of movies that are not in stock. However, these movies do ship in a fairly timely manner anyway. I’ve seen “Long Wait” movies show up as sent in just a couple of days. On the other hand, when Netflix shows a movie to be not in stock, I can expect it to take weeks for “short wait” movies to actually ship and months for “long wait” or “very long wait” movies to ship.

I signed with BB 3 weeks ago and they are a lot slower than Netflix. A disk will ship on monday and I won’t get it until friday. Some will arrive by wednesday. And many of the flics are listed as short wait. They don’t have near the selection that Netflix has and their website is inferior. I will stick with Netflix and cancel BB.

it really depends on where u live. if youre lucky enough, u’ll get the cd in two days from BB. well…we’ll see after a year

blockbuster will have to make a lot of improvements to retain my business. I signed up for the 2 free weeks, and was then given another free month when I tried to quit, but the service is still well below Netflix standards. On the other hand, Netflix services have been downgraded over the years as the prices have gone up. I have been a Netflix member since the very begining. I remember when Netflix was 15,99 for unlimited rentals with four movies out at a time. They also had a button on thier website that would make them send you a new movie when you put one in the mail, not when they recieved it. Netflix has come, or should I say fallen a long way since then. :frowning:
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I just got an email from BB saying they were improving their service by scanning returns at the PO and sending a replacment immediately. This is what Wally world says it does. It didn’t make a difference for them. I still haven’t received a DVD that GG says was sent a week ago. Think they don’t have multiple copies of many less common films, so they send them from whatever site happens to have it. THey say they are going to fix this, too. I don’t know if I will wait. I really don’t like the website. When I do a search, the resulting list includes all the films ever made, even if BB doen’t stock them.