Blockbuster nationwide DVD and game trading program

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BLOCKBUSTER® Rolls Out DVD and Game Trading Nationwide and
Guarantees Members Best Trade-In PricesMonday October 25, 2:00 am ET
Trading Now Available in Almost 3,000 BLOCKBUSTER Stores…

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It seems the UK for once has something before the US!!! The larger stores here (for a while) have been rebranded as “Blockbuster” AND “Gamestation”. Thus, they offer trade-ins and 2nd hand games and DVDs, under one roof.

While it’s cool they are giving you so much value for your trade-ins you must realize they are ONLY GIVING YOU THAT IN CREDIT, not in cash. So basically they’re paying you $30 for a $50-$70 DVD set, and only in credit, so you can buy their OVERPRICED used or new DVDs. Oh and they take that DVD set they paid $30 for and turn around and sell it for $50. Of course they can give the most credit, they charge the most. BOYCOTT SCAM… er BLOCKBUSTER!

If it was always 8 dollars it would be great as you can often find 2 DVDs for 15 dollars at BestBuy. So nothing to lose there. 5 is not so tempting.

I like your thinking Crabby. Buy a few CHEAP DVD’s at BestBuy or anywhere else and then sell them to Blockbuster and make a “rather small” profit. Too bad as mentioned that it’s for instore credit.