Blockbuster lowers pricing & runs promotions to lure in consumers

Blockbuster lowers pricing & runs promotions to lure in consumers.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Blockbuster is still struggling to regain its past glory. After receiving a new lease on life via Dish Network's $320 million buyout of the bankrupt company in April, the former movie rental leader now faces the same foes that helped it limp into Chapter 11 court last year - namely, Netflix and Redbox. A new promotion aims to bring back lapsed customers with the promise of free rentals and lower prices. But is it enough?

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Michael Kelly, Blockbuster’s newly-appointed president, said the deal was a way to deliver “better value” to consumers

Too little to late, make sure the door hits you on the way out. :Z Better deal for customer don’t make me :Z , you lost out on that when you surcharged customers even when their returns were on time and had outrageous charges to customer that drove them away isn’t going to bring any of them back. They left and are permanently gone. Your busines model worked only cause the customer had no other rental places in-store or online to go to but now they do and could care less of your going “OUT OF BUSINESS” model. :Z:Z

cheated once by blockbuster was enough for me

I think it’s just a matter of time before every single Blockbuster store closes, even the allegedly “profitable” locations.

Whatever happened to S T R E A M I N G… netflix is making lots of new customers on $8 a month (unlimited) streaming. Blockbuster is behind the times and they better catch up quick or we know why Dish bought blockbuster… as a tax write off loss maker. Understand when things go south the acquirer can offload their own debt into the companies and then pull the plug-- without diluting shareholder value.

I took advantage of the 2-Week Free Trial only to keep being throttled on DVD’s and or Blu-Rays sent by mail so I canceled the service if I decide to rent DVD’s again or watch movies I’ll rejoin Netflix as a last resort.